Friday, May 30, 2014

Greta {3 Months}, Jocelyn {3}, Mady {5} and Family

I have done photos for this beautiful family many many times (very thankful they have stuck with me over the past 3 years or so!) and I always have such a great time.  This time was no exception, but I will say that these little girls made me work the hardest they ever have, haha.  They were FULL of energy and personality and craziness but I managed to still sneak in some good shots through it all.  I am selfishly hoping this family ends up moving back to ND when they are done here in MI so I can continue to see them!  It's been awesome and will be sad to not be the one who does their next session for them :(

 photo IMG_0323_zpsed802311.jpg  photo IMG_0334_zps62580294.jpg  photo IMG_0354_zps8a7bf0d1.jpg  photo IMG_0380_zps7fa48af2.jpg  photo IMG_0378_zpsdf7a524c.jpg  photo IMG_0425_zpsdd09a3cf.jpg  photo IMG_0698_zps5197b153.jpg  photo IMG_0595_zps84cf6832.jpg  photo IMG_0716_zps87f6d5d5.jpg  photo IMG_0713_zps539cf2b1.jpg  photo IMG_0715BW_zpsf1544fa7.jpg  photo IMG_0438_zps7a4057d4.jpg  photo IMG_0456_zpsb5ba6fb0.jpg  photo IMG_0491BW_zps1418d0c4.jpg  photo IMG_0539_zpsc7e627ec.jpg  photo IMG_0551_zpsf6b791de.jpg  photo IMG_0577-2_zps30ad8f9b.jpg  photo IMG_0606_zps7e20f53f.jpg  photo IMG_0613BW_zpsdcf2c607.jpg  photo IMG_0651_zps1f89ded1.jpg  photo IMG_0677_zps76367ae9.jpg  photo IMG_0747_zps77b19e3c.jpg  photo IMG_0751_zps9ce87d48.jpg  photo IMG_0744_zps793fabe3.jpg  photo IMG_0814_zpsf29a39a6.jpg  photo IMG_0802_zps82c5fe87.jpg  photo IMG_0779_zps28b5a94b.jpg  photo IMG_0874BW_zps6ad9c405.jpg  photo IMG_0888_zpsfec10a6e.jpg  photo IMG_0907_zps5ebc8252.jpg  photo IMG_0963_zpsc60fc8a6.jpg  photo IMG_0959_zps931a4ffb.jpg

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