Sunday, November 29, 2015

Chase {2 Months} and Family

This family is just beautiful and that little Chase...just a perfect, adorable little boy.  I went to college with the mother and we were in the same sorority, so it was so great to see her again and to see her as a mom.  Chase was happy as can be and for a two month old, it was pretty easy to get some great smiles out of him.  You two are so very blessed!!!  Enjoy!

 photo IMG_9188_zpsukth8ozw.jpg  photo IMG_9208lights_zpsjoqjoo74.jpg  photo IMG_9212FB_zpsmk0yfmid.jpg  photo IMG_9217_zpsjr0hemoh.jpg  photo IMG_9220_zps3osmnc1m.jpg  photo IMG_9267_zpsxygfwtos.jpg  photo IMG_9290_zpskbj0lmjy.jpg  photo IMG_9309_zps0ptk2oeo.jpg  photo IMG_9328_zpswwowpfxp.jpg  photo IMG_9338_zps0b65kldc.jpg  photo IMG_9352_zpsugjjx3yv.jpg  photo IMG_9353FB_zps4pzn3jae.jpg  photo IMG_9393_zpsygjpeklm.jpg  photo IMG_9400FB_zps4uof0rqe.jpg  photo IMG_9441lightsFB_zpsst3zbpck.jpg

Monday, November 23, 2015

Barron {10 Months}, Henry {2} and Family - Mini Session

I just met this family a few months ago and they are just awesome.  And aren't they just completely adorable?! Henry is shy, but when in his element he is a silly, chatty cutie which is why we decided to do the shoot at their home, hoping his personality would come out better. Also, I am determined to get our younger son and Henry to be good buds!  Barron was tired, but sweet as can be.  Actually, he is always sweet.  I just love this family and looking forward to getting to know them better as our kids grow together!

 photo IMG_7809_zps1fz4ngyd.jpg  photo IMG_7825FB_zpsjnhxvcbl.jpg  photo IMG_7877_zpsysabkagr.jpg  photo IMG_7890FB_zpsh4necw8v.jpg  photo IMG_7913FB_zpsp0udmqma.jpg  photo IMG_7933_zpsdtv7svhu.jpg  photo IMG_7970_zpsvgfm6vtl.jpg  photo IMG_7989BW_zpsjkjazzgy.jpg  photo IMG_8001FB_zpsfxvymjs6.jpg  photo IMG_8029_zps1xcsc8ux.jpg  photo IMG_8034FB_zpsqogn6cyw.jpg  photo IMG_8043BWFB_zpszxph6vhu.jpg

Friday, November 20, 2015

Nora {6}, Olivia {4} and Family

Oh this family is so adorable and just nice as can be.  We met downtown on a another beautiful November evening (we have been so spoiled this month!) and these girls were awesome.  LOVE the sibling shots I got, in particular.  I won't be posting this session on Facebook until after the holidays are over, so I am sure nobody will see it until then anyway, haha, so these are for the family to enjoy for now!

 photo IMG_7420_zps2gr4oe29.jpg  photo IMG_7425FB_zpsk6qk87qr.jpg  photo IMG_7444_zpsfiprynba.jpg  photo IMG_7452_zpspvmnigkk.jpg  photo IMG_7480_zps851cmdbt.jpg  photo IMG_7486_zpsbc0tr0cv.jpg  photo IMG_7497_zpsvmwlnlwd.jpg  photo IMG_7515_zps5rfyessp.jpg  photo IMG_7575_zpsegkvkblt.jpg  photo IMG_7583_zps4u6usjwz.jpg  photo IMG_7609_zps7cztli5i.jpg  photo IMG_7649FB_zpscmjkbckt.jpg  photo IMG_7665FB_zpsxsriaseh.jpg  photo IMG_7694_zpsiqtqwj1c.jpg  photo IMG_7709FB_zpshdrdxicy.jpg  photo IMG_7717_zpsysxmb2rv.jpg  photo IMG_7740_zpsip3y0ozl.jpg  photo IMG_7778FB_zpskbbupxwz.jpg

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Aubrie {3}, Morgan {1} and Family

I first met this family at my home studio for some indoor photos and then we rushed outside to enjoy the beautiful November evening for some outdoor photos in Lindenwood Park - an area I haven't actually photographed at before.  The light was beautiful and we had a great time.  Isn't this family adorable?! 
 photo IMG_6570_zps1efmpzvi.jpg  photo IMG_6584FB_zpse8ktxhtl.jpg  photo IMG_6591_zpsiybch3xk.jpg  photo IMG_6649_zpsfuiat2ck.jpg  photo IMG_6672_zpsf12pq99g.jpg  photo IMG_6687_zps9qyxegkr.jpg  photo IMG_6704_zps5w7ycydj.jpg  photo IMG_6713_zpsfjbokwmk.jpg  photo IMG_6732_zps0t73dmqe.jpg  photo IMG_6768_zpsutg61zux.jpg  photo IMG_6784_zpsojs7qofa.jpg  photo IMG_6792_zpsprnjgwdr.jpg  photo IMG_6811_zpshr8lkd0b.jpg  photo IMG_6835_zpsxhuvy5af.jpg  photo IMG_6859_zpsw41v3joh.jpg  photo IMG_6899_zpsd3curpox.jpg  photo IMG_6907_zpshzxtji33.jpg  photo IMG_6954FB_zpsxppinhvy.jpg  photo IMG_6960FB_zpsgua0owm5.jpg  photo IMG_6972_zpsfo9hj8sq.jpg  photo IMG_6981_zpsgghlfvbk.jpg  photo IMG_7005_zpso9txkqh1.jpg  photo IMG_7033_zpsour95sa1.jpg  photo IMG_7055FB_zpsidooblom.jpg  photo IMG_7056_zps7jyb40qq.jpg  photo IMG_7075_zpsmhu5esqx.jpg  photo IMG_7091_zpske007eym.jpg  photo IMG_7101_zpsihamibwi.jpg  photo IMG_7139_zpsjcvtbdct.jpg  photo IMG_7155_zpslhdpacls.jpg  photo IMG_7168FB_zpsyjgerafp.jpg  photo IMG_7181FB_zpsli9pett5.jpg  photo IMG_7194_zps6pv7efdz.jpg  photo IMG_7209FB_zpslcravolk.jpg

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