Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Vivian {9 Days Old}

This baby, Vivian, is just beautiful, which she obviously gets from both of her parents!  I am so thankful they contacted me to do a newborn shoot for them. The mommy and I were sorority sisters together back in college and I always just adored her.  It was so fun to see her again, formally meet her husband and of course their little baby girl.  I look forward to watching her grow and hopefully see them at the neighborhood park next summer (we need to encourage our babies to be friends!).  Congratulations to you guys again - she really is perfect.

 photo IMG_3233FB_zps4wg9lvfw.jpg  photo IMG_3264BW_zpsko8xucmf.jpg  photo IMG_3272_zpshyqhcuz6.jpg  photo IMG_3287_zpsqzqkbmet.jpg  photo IMG_3290_zpskda8giql.jpg  photo IMG_3295FB_zpswkwpxexr.jpg  photo IMG_3304_zpszbapgdtw.jpg  photo IMG_3311BW_zpswersekki.jpg  photo IMG_3313_zpsx2tzoxob.jpg  photo IMG_3319BW_zpswpyviy4d.jpg  photo IMG_3323_zps89jhw1vh.jpg  photo IMG_3344_zpsclrsmxe1.jpg  photo IMG_3351FB_zpsyeqddpjz.jpg  photo IMG_3358_zps4ocxb6uu.jpg  photo IMG_3370_zpsdkjnqz39.jpg  photo IMG_3374FB_zpswww7cpca.jpg  photo IMG_3380FB_zpswi5ionch.jpg  photo IMG_3394BW_zpsvhkinq7x.jpg  photo IMG_3418FB_zpstadvr6k6.jpg  photo IMG_3430BW_zpsyp9fc2jp.jpg  photo IMG_3448_zpstotgazjg.jpg  photo IMG_3452_zpsy16rljvm.jpg  photo IMG_3468BW_zpsdm7jzjjo.jpg  photo IMG_3477FB_zpsyxy9xqdi.jpg  photo IMG_3488_zps7uyxlmgu.jpg 
 photo IMG_3498BW_zpspya2nkcv.jpg  photo IMG_3509FB_zpscvbfnqh3.jpg  photo IMG_3523FB_zpscpcskjei.jpg  photo IMG_3542_zps4abvphco.jpg  photo IMG_3562BWFB_zpscwukchre.jpg  photo IMG_3562FB_zpshxxhw7mj.jpg  photo IMG_3572FB_zpsnojbyo3w.jpg  photo IMG_3596FB_zpsq40c0xgq.jpg

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