Thursday, October 30, 2014

Grace {Almost 1}, Ben {Almost 3}, Will {5} and Family

This completely adorable family is good friends of ours and actually moved back to ND at the same time as us!  We hang out with the mom and children during the day sometimes and our kids seem to get along great.  I have loved getting to know their children and looking forward to many more memories throughout the years.

We had this shoot on a very chilly evening so we worked fast!  North Dakota winters are starting to creep up on us and it's a little sad because they are brutal here - oh and that wind...I think that's the worst part!  So things will be calming down around here in a few weeks as it will start to be too cold to do outdoor shoots, but bring on the babies and newborns for indoor shoots!

 photo IMG_6040_zpsf3ceb057.jpg  photo IMG_6059_zps9f5ab70e.jpg  photo IMG_6109_zps27e39459.jpg  photo IMG_6116_zpsc1da276e.jpg  photo IMG_6137_zps4bdafc86.jpg  photo IMG_6169_zpsc43c8304.jpg  photo IMG_6182_zps8d2fddf6.jpg  photo IMG_6190_zpsdd0b73ac.jpg  photo IMG_6201_zpsf9cffc89.jpg  photo IMG_6208_zps8f1c212b.jpg  photo IMG_6237_zps595288be.jpg  photo IMG_6247_zpsfe56795c.jpg  photo IMG_6251_zpsaff8ddaa.jpg  photo IMG_6260_zpsd706a897.jpg  photo IMG_6274_zps00d802e8.jpg  photo IMG_6286_zps863d9351.jpg  photo IMG_6303_zps6e3a8ad5.jpg

Friday, October 24, 2014

Avery {7} and Evan {3}

This family was one of my first clients was back when I started this photography journey and guess what - I get to continue taking their photos even after our move to North Dakota!  They also moved back to ND at the same time as us, and although they live in a city a few hours away, they still traveled to me to do photos this year.  Unfortunately the father was unable to come to photos this time so we just focused on the children (and I made the mother get in some shots at the end too).  It has been so fun watching both of these adorable kids grow up over the years and I am looking forward to continue seeing them.  :)

 photo IMG_5620_zps58c93895.jpg  photo IMG_5629_zps8b8ec48d.jpg  photo IMG_5647_zps357fdd12.jpg  photo IMG_5651_zps8f644528.jpg  photo IMG_5668_zps616ae688.jpg  photo IMG_5690_zps8087651d.jpg  photo IMG_5707_zpsdb3df2c8.jpg  photo IMG_5713_zps39d40c8b.jpg  photo IMG_5719_zpsc37f9426.jpg  photo IMG_5737_zps0d54a2b7.jpg  photo IMG_5741_zpsee24dbac.jpg  photo IMG_5746_zps1e37e039.jpg  photo IMG_5757_zpsce5fe508.jpg  photo IMG_5764BW_zpse548c451.jpg  photo IMG_5793_zpsc9c34908.jpg  photo IMG_5820_zps10a10f66.jpg  photo IMG_5834_zpsa79ec158.jpg  photo IMG_5846_zps61d315b1.jpg  photo IMG_5859_zps401bab62.jpg  photo IMG_5876_zps69fe794a.jpg  photo IMG_5892_zps83e761a6.jpg  photo IMG_5926_zps34758b99.jpg  photo IMG_5931_zps4bffbfb9.jpg  photo IMG_5937_zpsc92577aa.jpg  photo IMG_5943_zpsd31e0e1e.jpg  photo IMG_5947_zps36c479c5.jpg  photo IMG_5951_zpse1498783.jpg  photo IMG_5964_zps3e93496a.jpg  photo IMG_5990_zps633960e1.jpg  photo IMG_5998_zps563046a4.jpg  photo IMG_6017_zps6aaedbf2.jpg  photo IMG_6023BW_zpse555aa8c.jpg

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hayley {12}, Emma {5}, Anna {2} and Family

This family was SO fun to photograph.  Sure, they were energetic and silly little girls, but I am used to that and I really enjoy seeing each child's personality shine at sessions.  We lucked out with a beautiful night and beautiful light (and beautiful family) and this ended up being one of my favorite sessions I have ever done.

I met the mother of this family while picking up my son from his first day of Kindergarten and we realized that we live only about a block from each other! I would love to get our children to know each other because I just know they would all get along great.  It was so awesome meeting all of you and I look forward to seeing you more in the neighborhood!

 photo IMG_5085_zps3579a6de.jpg  photo IMG_5100_zpsf25fcbcd.jpg  photo IMG_5111_zpse49e9eaa.jpg  photo IMG_5132_zpsfc0847c6.jpg

 photo IMG_5149_zps5fef80d4.jpg  photo IMG_5156_zps1c8f932d.jpg  photo IMG_5196_zpsdf4e8ef5.jpg  photo IMG_5203_zps213338d4.jpg  photo IMG_5209_zpsac4b419a.jpg  photo IMG_5232_zps1fe2ad00.jpg  photo IMG_5236BW_zps84dd9eda.jpg  photo IMG_5246_zps0a0b539b.jpg  photo IMG_5261_zpscdf945c2.jpg  photo IMG_5266_zpsf134e8a8.jpg  photo IMG_5270_zpsff63e059.jpg  photo IMG_5275BW_zps01aae7d8.jpg  photo IMG_5279_zps8eb7232b.jpg  photo IMG_5287_zps0afb7d0a.jpg  photo IMG_5291_zps0ad2a86f.jpg  photo IMG_5303_zpsb61ff130.jpg  photo IMG_5311_zpsc208fd88.jpg  photo IMG_5336_zps4a18f80a.jpg  photo IMG_5353_zpsbb53bb1c.jpg  photo IMG_5360_zps63c52e7d.jpg  photo IMG_5367_zpsb5a27934.jpg  photo IMG_5407_zpsd69c386f.jpg  photo IMG_5444_zps6fac997c.jpg  photo IMG_5467_zpscdeab83e.jpg  photo IMG_5493_zpsf33b52fc.jpg  photo IMG_5503BW_zpsfd43b432.jpg  photo IMG_5527_zpsaececee6.jpg  photo IMG_5531_zpse4e5e4c3.jpg

 photo IMG_5601_zpseebbbcab.jpg
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