Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Little Neverland Boys

For Eben's 4th Birthday I wanted to do something special - a shoot where they can have fun, be children, and use some imagination. Why pirates? About two months ago, Eben started really getting into Jake and the Neverland Pirates (a children's show on Disney) and he said he wanted to be a pirate for Halloween. The costumes I decided to make just weren't warm enough for cold trick or treating, so I made a pirate ship, treasure chest, and simple costumes for this shoot instead. They had a BLAST. They loved the swords, boat, and necklaces, but I think their favorite part was watching the coins float down the stream. I wish we could have stayed and played longer too but the mosquitos were getting pretty bad after about 30 minutes :( Happy Birthday to the sweetest, silliest, most adorable little boy!

 photo IMG_3884_zps99582e17.jpg  photo IMG_3897_zps3463ef31.jpg  photo IMG_3925_zpsbd7e66fd.jpg  photo IMG_3936BW_zps011b80cc.jpg  photo IMG_3939_zps7e35e170.jpg  photo IMG_3944_zps8aa8617c.jpg  photo IMG_3968_zps625ba68c.jpg  photo IMG_3975_zpsc7ac6b20.jpg  photo IMG_3980_zpsc5f48aa6.jpg  photo IMG_3984_zps5c48619c.jpg  photo IMG_3989_zpsfb056bb5.jpg  photo IMG_3994_zps2104a96b.jpg  photo IMG_3997_zps43dc37b9.jpg  photo IMG_4001_zps619e768c.jpg  photo IMG_4005_zps09b3d644.jpg  photo IMG_4017_zps4e1da20f.jpg  photo IMG_4021_zps6e6ba65a.jpg  photo IMG_4023_zps06a7f302.jpg  photo IMG_4027_zps1a05e048.jpg  photo IMG_4033_zps733f9bfd.jpg  photo IMG_4036BW_zps9c1b4044.jpg  photo IMG_4047_zpsd2f6ddb3.jpg  photo IMG_4054_zpse07967ee.jpg  photo IMG_4059_zps43ade963.jpg  photo IMG_4065BW_zps3c2f69c9.jpg  photo IMG_4072_zps0fe57635.jpg  photo IMG_4092_zpsd3b2a79d.jpg  photo IMG_4097_zps2c40b0db.jpg  photo IMG_4104BW_zpsd5f6d3e5.jpg  photo IMG_4105_zps212171c3.jpg  photo IMG_4111-2_zpsa169f5d0.jpg  photo IMG_4113BW_zpsb0fb1b38.jpg  photo IMG_4117_zps0f44c46c.jpg  photo IMG_4126BW_zpsfc99e6e2.jpg  photo IMG_4129_zps9ba04c76.jpg  photo IMG_4135_zps8acebd8b.jpg  photo IMG_4142_zpsb3f8aba3.jpg  photo IMG_4146_zpsf87d8837.jpg  photo IMG_4151_zpsbd18296a.jpg  photo IMG_4163_zpsed8fe418.jpg  photo IMG_4179_zps558662a2.jpg  photo IMG_4194_zps2b5ff963.jpg  photo IMG_4197_zps9a56c7c2.jpg  photo IMG_4202BW_zps51ba0681.jpg  photo IMG_4224_zpsc81deee3.jpg

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Myla {2} and Family - MINI Session

This little sweetie was probably the easiest 2-year-old I have ever photographed.  We did the session for 30 minutes and I had enough great shots to be able to cover a full session gallery.  Maybe she was making up for a more challenging session last fall, haha - she was just a joy.  Happy Birthday Myla!!!

 photo IMG_4231_zpsca4d22c8.jpg  photo IMG_4256BW_zpsd2b7f0e2.jpg  photo IMG_4276_zps2e3dc45d.jpg  photo IMG_4311_zps32dced61.jpg  photo IMG_4316BW_zps2fada7bc.jpg  photo IMG_4323_zps64d26618.jpg  photo IMG_4355_zpsf61b2889.jpg  photo IMG_4411_zpsf1483594.jpg  photo IMG_4418_zps81ff07cc.jpg  photo IMG_4436BW_zpse7275227.jpg  photo IMG_4459_zps4782f4a7.jpg  photo IMG_4502_zps16e991dd.jpg  photo IMG_4518_zps24bcd8bf.jpg

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