Thursday, April 16, 2015

Quinn {4}

Handsome, energetic, adorable Quinn is turning 4!  I first met him last fall at a family photo shoot and I was excited to see him again for a shoot focusing just on him.  He was in an awesome mood, showing me his basketball moves, telling me about the 3 goals he scored in his first soccer game, and telling me all about anything else he could think of.  He was truly a joy to be with - his parents are very lucky to have such a fun child.  Happy Birthday, Quinn!  Looking forward to next time :)

 photo IMG_5492_zpsra67lfp2.jpg  photo IMG_5501_zpsjxx9adb5.jpg  photo IMG_5500_zpsof4nzh1l.jpg  photo IMG_5510_zpseo6gpiga.jpg  photo IMG_5513_zps9ijhohpd.jpg  photo IMG_5526_zps8snjn3ij.jpg  photo IMG_5533_zpsxsihzkap.jpg  photo IMG_5573_zpsohvojvr8.jpg  photo IMG_5579BW_zpstya8adk2.jpg  photo IMG_5597_zpskh4yrlin.jpg  photo IMG_5628_zpsnota5vis.jpg  photo IMG_5647_zpsfajpazdg.jpg  photo IMG_5656_zpsnqyro0d2.jpg  photo IMG_5667BW_zpsobhy8glp.jpg  photo IMG_5669_zpsz8vsakft.jpg  photo IMG_5691_zpsafrvlpkq.jpg  photo IMG_5694_zpsu2hzohcx.jpg  photo IMG_5708_zpsp2xxnpgo.jpg  photo IMG_5714_zpsyxwxfipn.jpg

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Owen {19 Months}

Oh baby Owen...our sweet, adorable little nephew.  He really is just as sweet as he looks in these photos.  He is funny, active, happy, has the best smile, and keeps up with his 4 older boy cousins with ease.  I am so happy we live back in Fargo for so many reasons, but one of them being we have gotten to know this boy a lot better and don't feel like we are missing out on his childhood anymore. I was so happy with how he did at his shoot, giving me all of the classic Owen faces and showing me so much of his personality.  Sure, he was very active, but I can handle that!  Love you little dude!!

 photo IMG_5198_zpsipa89bei.jpg  photo IMG_5205_zpspmag85mq.jpg 
 photo IMG_5209_zpsvpjucajf.jpg  photo IMG_5213_zpsal4cj8if.jpg 
Sad Face (which always has an adorable little smirk in it)
 photo IMG_5248_zpsa27j7hvj.jpg  photo IMG_5276_zpsdd95eih2.jpg  photo IMG_5306_zpscrz2i9sf.jpg  photo IMG_5339-small_zpsiaevjiby.jpg  photo IMG_5346BW_zpsfeoujph3.jpg  photo IMG_5361_zpske87qxda.jpg  photo IMG_5372_zpsdqyqvnqh.jpg  photo IMG_5378_zpstngiwdv9.jpg  photo IMG_5392_zpsmzqxo3eo.jpg 
LOVE this face.
 photo IMG_5401_zpshphzu9wq.jpg  photo IMG_5416_zpsmh8zyexx.jpg  photo IMG_5424_zpst4ytrcqi.jpg 
 photo IMG_5443_zpsbwgdhmic.jpg  photo IMG_5461_zpsg53jascs.jpg  photo IMG_5479_zps7ux9aftj.jpg  photo IMG_5481BW_zpsa7db8ct8.jpg
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