Thursday, April 16, 2015

Quinn {4}

Handsome, energetic, adorable Quinn is turning 4!  I first met him last fall at a family photo shoot and I was excited to see him again for a shoot focusing just on him.  He was in an awesome mood, showing me his basketball moves, telling me about the 3 goals he scored in his first soccer game, and telling me all about anything else he could think of.  He was truly a joy to be with - his parents are very lucky to have such a fun child.  Happy Birthday, Quinn!  Looking forward to next time :)

 photo IMG_5492_zpsra67lfp2.jpg  photo IMG_5501_zpsjxx9adb5.jpg  photo IMG_5500_zpsof4nzh1l.jpg  photo IMG_5510_zpseo6gpiga.jpg  photo IMG_5513_zps9ijhohpd.jpg  photo IMG_5526_zps8snjn3ij.jpg  photo IMG_5533_zpsxsihzkap.jpg  photo IMG_5573_zpsohvojvr8.jpg  photo IMG_5579BW_zpstya8adk2.jpg  photo IMG_5597_zpskh4yrlin.jpg  photo IMG_5628_zpsnota5vis.jpg  photo IMG_5647_zpsfajpazdg.jpg  photo IMG_5656_zpsnqyro0d2.jpg  photo IMG_5667BW_zpsobhy8glp.jpg  photo IMG_5669_zpsz8vsakft.jpg  photo IMG_5691_zpsafrvlpkq.jpg  photo IMG_5694_zpsu2hzohcx.jpg  photo IMG_5708_zpsp2xxnpgo.jpg  photo IMG_5714_zpsyxwxfipn.jpg

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