Friday, November 21, 2014

Finley {12 Days New} and Family

Oh beautiful little Finley...such a little miracle.  These parents waited quite a long time for her and they could not be more in love.  The father is definitely the most excited dad I have ever met and both mom and dad are just such wonderful people.  I know they already make amazing parents.  Congratulations to you again - I cannot wait to watch this little girl grow up!

 photo IMG_0112_zps17fc2d6b.jpg  photo IMG_0119BW_zps41a93787.jpg  photo IMG_0127_zps460a3ccd.jpg  photo IMG_0133_zpsdf201d99.jpg  photo IMG_0139_zps6c8cf6e0.jpg  photo IMG_0146_zps5d5dbcb3.jpg  photo IMG_0151_zps5f88e6be.jpg  photo IMG_0154_zps881b168f.jpg  photo IMG_0162_zps72573632.jpg  photo IMG_0201_zpsab0e4a97.jpg  photo IMG_0202_zps05750479.jpg  photo IMG_0215BW_zps674899e2.jpg  photo IMG_0232_zpsacfe91f5.jpg  photo IMG_0240_zpsb02f179b.jpg  photo IMG_0244_zps47d2e6a5.jpg  photo IMG_0248_zps7f4ce234.jpg  photo IMG_0283_zps44f3ec83.jpg  photo IMG_0286BW_zps22567e1c.jpg  photo IMG_0290_zps2b650fab.jpg  photo IMG_0299_zpsa45f471c.jpg  photo IMG_0307_zps6301bb3e.jpg  photo IMG_0315_zps98ef3ffa.jpg  photo IMG_0323BW_zps647ae408.jpg  photo IMG_0325BW_zps2080ca80.jpg  photo IMG_0328_zps369adaa7.jpg  photo IMG_0343_zps3a13158b.jpg  photo IMG_0350BW_zpsf002e748.jpg  photo IMG_0355_zps03381682.jpg  photo IMG_0356BW_zps59d39afd.jpg  photo IMG_0364_zpsb1cd871d.jpg  photo IMG_0369BW_zps1ec4e81e.jpg  photo IMG_0374BW_zpsf743248d.jpg  photo IMG_0384_zps54fc6ef6.jpg  photo IMG_0390BW_zpse1b52702.jpg  photo IMG_0401BW_zps3c74519a.jpg  photo IMG_0407BW_zps448e93bc.jpg

Eli {15 Months} - MINI Session

Oh this little Eli is just the cutest little thing, isn't he?!  I went to school with his parents and it was so great to see them again.  I did also take family photos, but those are going to be used for their holiday cards so I am not posting them so they are a surprise for their family and friends :)  It is officially too cold to be outside with little ones for shoots so we stayed in my home studio for this mini session.  It's not ideal for active toddlers, but we made it work!

 photo IMG_0424_zps050bc8d6.jpg

 photo IMG_0430_zps1ca249ac.jpg  photo IMG_0442_zps1bbf8839.jpg  photo IMG_0444_zps4c155b0f.jpg  photo IMG_0454_zps00a9b72e.jpg  photo IMG_0460_zps99f6c54f.jpg  photo IMG_0532BW_zpsbcbf0d4d.jpg  photo IMG_0549_zpsed3e2cf6.jpg  photo IMG_0582_zps7f96b8ee.jpg  photo IMG_0587_zps073d28ac.jpg

Monday, November 17, 2014

Nora {5}, Olivia {2} and Family - MINI Session

Fall is over and winter is officially here.  I met with this adorable family on a chilly but nice evening. I have been watching these little girls grow up on Facebook over the years and it was so fun to meet them in person and see their mother again (who I went to high school with)!  Nora is full of personality and energy and little Olivia was one of the calmest 2-year-olds I have ever photographed!

 photo IMG_9854_zpsbca344f4.jpg  photo IMG_9876_zpsa387291f.jpg  photo IMG_9892_zpsdacea956.jpg

 photo IMG_9911_zpscdd3fb8c.jpg  photo IMG_9934_zps6797815c.jpg  photo IMG_9941_zps100fe15c.jpg  photo IMG_9979_zpsf3e39470.jpg

 photo IMG_9997_zps89b10a86.jpg  photo IMG_0031_zps410ae236.jpg  photo IMG_0035_zps300e8f53.jpg  photo IMG_0078_zpsde7909ac.jpg  photo IMG_0086BW_zps484d01f9.jpg  photo IMG_0101_zps8fa4fc36.jpg
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