Monday, November 3, 2014

Camden {1}, Raelyn {3} and Family

We have been friends with these parents since we were children so doing a shoot for them was so much fun!  I met with them on a chilly evening and Camden was not too happy after about 10 minutes so we did what we could that night and then met with the kids and mom the following day when it was 30 degrees warmer outside.  I had so much fun getting to know the children better - they both have so much personality and are so stinkin' cute.  The fall colors were gorgeous in both locations (and the leaves are already all gone now!).  We are thankful to be back in Fargo so we can see this family more often and our children can get to know each other. Enjoy!

 photo IMG_6324_zps50cca296.jpg  photo IMG_6338_zps311fb2fb.jpg  photo IMG_6384_zps9c4d4127.jpg  photo IMG_6393_zps6f8aff68.jpg  photo IMG_6415_zpsdac28024.jpg  photo IMG_6433_zps81d0e015.jpg  photo IMG_6438_zpsebaca5a5.jpg  photo IMG_6471_zps90cece03.jpg

 photo IMG_6511_zps017ffb6a.jpg  photo IMG_6527_zpsb3d62f7b.jpg  photo IMG_6544_zpsd1cd14f5.jpg  photo IMG_6571_zps1c72fa09.jpg  photo IMG_6582_zps658ae741.jpg  photo IMG_6599_zps75c24945.jpg  photo IMG_6606_zpsda17733a.jpg  photo IMG_6620_zps5ef53ac9.jpg  photo IMG_6630_zps04f2f390.jpg  photo IMG_6636_zps126237ce.jpg  photo IMG_6653_zps20b3aeaf.jpg  photo IMG_6662_zps5e549aa2.jpg  photo IMG_6710_zps1d9fea2c.jpg  photo IMG_6717_zps23e110b9.jpg  photo IMG_6720_zps9b184c4f.jpg  photo IMG_6809_zpsef7ba205.jpg  photo IMG_6835_zps4c3279c0.jpg

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