Saturday, November 30, 2013

Maggie {9 Days Old}, Emma {2}, Ben {4} and Family

This is another one of those families who you just can't help but adore.  They welcomed their third baby into their family and could not be more in love with her.  And wow, she is just beautiful... Her siblings are adorable too and they really seem to be welcoming her into the family well - and with a lot of energy!  Their energy made me feel right at home though because that's how our two oldest boys are too.  We had such a great time with you guys and are so happy for you.  Congratulations again and welcome to an awesome family, Maggie!

 photo IMG_4482_zps56f2da17.jpg  photo IMG_4506_zpsc2a0b637.jpg  photo IMG_4528BW_zps9a7b4768.jpg  photo IMG_4600_zpsbdbb0405.jpg  photo IMG_4608_zps7a4a2254.jpg  photo IMG_4638BW_zpsa022ade4.jpg  photo IMG_4643_zps6cd3584f.jpg  photo IMG_4680_zpse37cc3bd.jpg  photo IMG_4710_zps48a3938e.jpg  photo IMG_4721BW_zpsaf30eee0.jpg  photo IMG_4729_zpsdbec3fd3.jpg  photo IMG_4734BW_zpsf1883ae7.jpg  photo IMG_4758_zpsedcacf76.jpg  photo IMG_4771_zps31e622de.jpg  photo IMG_4773_zps81c181ad.jpg  photo IMG_4799_zps8bcd1a91.jpg  photo IMG_4807_zps5beb4277.jpg  photo IMG_4815BW_zps06c32f99.jpg  photo IMG_4822_zps89292100.jpg  photo IMG_4828_zpsd4f0c086.jpg  photo IMG_4850BW_zpsbd3ba01f.jpg  photo IMG_4860_zpscd214a65.jpg  photo IMG_4894_zps65700afe.jpg  photo IMG_4900BW_zpsb718b3a5.jpg  photo IMG_4919_zpsc8f2419e.jpg  photo IMG_4935BW_zps0ff02f78.jpg  photo IMG_4962_zps8bbc262e.jpg  photo IMG_4983_zps56a6ac11.jpg  photo IMG_4990_zpsba0993fb.jpg  photo IMG_4993_zps3e725472.jpg

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Michaela {1} and Family - Plus Cake Smash

I met adorable little Michaela about a year ago when I did a newborn shoot for her and I have been able to watch her grow throughout the year!  She is really the sweetest little thing and I had no troubles getting her to smile and show her personality.  She gets to celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah so we did some photos of both, which was fun! She did a cake smash and destroyed it, but wasn't interested in eating much!  We had plans to head outside for some family photos, but man, it was COLD that day (and every day now...).  We literally lasted about 3 minutes before we called it quits.  Happy Birthday, Michaela!!!

 photo IMG_4062_zpse70e0f39.jpg  photo IMG_4068_zps1d603ac1.jpg  photo IMG_4071_zps0ff2a619.jpg  photo IMG_4095_zpsa6f7bd11.jpg  photo IMG_4121_zpse51613a8.jpg  photo IMG_4163_zpsa8137f93.jpg  photo IMG_4174_zps09e1438f.jpg  photo IMG_4192_zpsc10592c1.jpg  photo IMG_4209_zps8cef6ec8.jpg  photo IMG_4232_zps8e567b1b.jpg  photo IMG_4246_zps9bb11ea1.jpg  photo IMG_4253BW_zpsccb26e0c.jpg  photo IMG_4256_zps437c6d65.jpg  photo IMG_4286_zps1eb3e68c.jpg  photo IMG_4297_zpscf7208c1.jpg  photo IMG_4301_zpsf999f47a.jpg  photo IMG_4310_zps19e353de.jpg  photo IMG_4317_zpsf98a434a.jpg  photo IMG_4337_zpse521b02c.jpg  photo IMG_4340_zpsf01501e1.jpg  photo IMG_4344_zpsda02bb89.jpg  photo IMG_4347_zps4bd51007.jpg  photo IMG_4386_zps349614ee.jpg  photo IMG_4392_zps76e65191.jpg  photo IMG_4399_zpsee7ded0c.jpg  photo IMG_4415_zpsc1e30f46.jpg  photo IMG_4421_zps59f4049d.jpg  photo IMG_4437_zps10877e8b.jpg  photo IMG_4450BW_zps28a6213d.jpg  photo IMG_4454_zpsa3cb641b.jpg

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