Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kaylee {First Birthday} and Family - Plus Cake Smash

Little miss adorable Kaylee turns one in a couple weeks and we had so much fun celebrating.  Isn't she just the cutest little thing?!  We started with a cake smash and she was pretty shy and careful with the cake, but did enjoy her first taste of something very sweet and she got a little messy too.  When we moved outside her big personality came out and we had a great time.  This family is so sweet and it's very obvious how much joy Kaylee brings to their lives.  It was so great meeting you guys and Happy Birthday Kaylee!!!

 photo IMG_9944_zps6da41173.jpg  photo IMG_0001_zps9da71d27.jpg  photo IMG_0014_zps5b587246.jpg  photo IMG_0028_zps6690a953.jpg  photo IMG_0039_zps2eba9f41.jpg  photo IMG_0043_zpsc8e24eca.jpg  photo IMG_0053_zpsbd6893a2.jpg  photo IMG_0062_zpsd66d9663.jpg  photo IMG_0069_zpsd096595e.jpg  photo IMG_0086_zps3e984288.jpg  photo IMG_0114_zpsef3f1058.jpg  photo IMG_0138_zps6a501156.jpg  photo IMG_0157_zps5f0641c7.jpg  photo IMG_0165_zps4226b4a8.jpg  photo IMG_0169BW_zps3cda305f.jpg  photo IMG_0210_zpse2cd6d8c.jpg  photo IMG_0220_zps8e533dd5.jpg  photo IMG_0263_zps2f879912.jpg  photo IMG_0280_zps370eb614.jpg  photo IMG_0290_zps6b1fbe00.jpg
 photo IMG_0305_zps4c0ea1e0.jpg  photo IMG_0310_zpsde488f4f.jpg  photo IMG_0326BW_zps30241205.jpg  photo IMG_0333_zps59d623ad.jpg  photo IMG_0350_zpsb0580a26.jpg
 photo IMG_0374_zpsa9b75b5b.jpg  photo IMG_0376_zpsbd824adf.jpg  photo IMG_0393_zpseeb72ece.jpg  photo IMG_0409_zps0ff118f4.jpg  photo IMG_0412_zps5385344f.jpg

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