Friday, November 1, 2013

Arlo {1} and Family - MINI Session

This adorable little guy just celebrated his first birthday!  We met at an old schoolhouse near my home to get some family shots on a pretty chilly evening - I wish we could hold on to fall just a little longer!  Arlo was just such a sweetheart and didn't make me work too hard for these great smiles and smirks.  Happy Birthday, sweet boy!!!

 photo IMG_8843_zps6ff03598.jpg  photo IMG_8867BW_zps2411082e.jpg  photo IMG_8878BW_zps1f9bdb8d.jpg  photo IMG_8891_zpsa59322aa.jpg  photo IMG_8901_zps5e67b84b.jpg  photo IMG_8918_zps86fdd876.jpg  photo IMG_8928BW_zps077a0123.jpg  photo IMG_8940_zps501178fe.jpg  photo IMG_8959_zpsc9c1553c.jpg  photo IMG_8971_zps2dda16ea.jpg  photo IMG_8982BW_zpsdaf5ee61.jpg  photo IMG_9014_zpsd1513b05.jpg

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