Saturday, November 16, 2013

Max {1}, Noah {4} and Family - plus Cake Smash!

This session was so fun - it started with a cake smash as Max recently turned one(!) and then ended at the gardens for an awesome family shoot.  These kids did so so well and the lighting was divine that evening - which was nice because the last session I did for little Max, there was a thunderstorm rolling in and it was SO hot and humid it was a bit miserable.  These boys are just so adorable and really do love being around each other.  The way Noah hugs and looks at Max is just so sweet.  This was one of those sessions that I had a tough time deleting photos from - there were SO many good ones and I wanted to post them all.  Happy Birthday, Max, and I hope to see you guys again soon to play!

 photo IMG_1773BW_zps853effcc.jpg  photo IMG_1785_zpsa60edf38.jpg  photo IMG_1801_zpsce9c17e4.jpg  photo IMG_1816_zps73df46fc.jpg  photo IMG_1818BW_zps51fd876d.jpg  photo IMG_1821_zps049f7a8b.jpg  photo IMG_1851_zpsa2e28596.jpg  photo IMG_1856_zpse9c97b70.jpg  photo IMG_1867_zpsb7bb6672.jpg  photo IMG_1880_zpsf113ac22.jpg  photo IMG_1894_zpsa45c99e8.jpg  photo IMG_1903_zps14973c1e.jpg  photo IMG_1922BW_zpsc12c5e9f.jpg  photo IMG_1948_zpsc4e174fd.jpg  photo IMG_1964_zps89b21f2d.jpg  photo IMG_1971_zps590a8e08.jpg  photo IMG_1993_zps9dfbb97b.jpg  photo IMG_2005_zpse3e83348.jpg  photo IMG_2078_zps9d73e012.jpg  photo IMG_2105_zps76ff724b.jpg  photo IMG_2122_zpsc220037a.jpg  photo IMG_2142_zps0e98d079.jpg  photo IMG_2146_zpsa1a7db8f.jpg  photo IMG_2172_zps5650501c.jpg  photo IMG_2194_zps6529827a.jpg  photo IMG_2207_zps236240df.jpg  photo IMG_2224BW_zps982fdd20.jpg  photo IMG_2232_zps0b1dc078.jpg  photo IMG_2257BW_zps33ae7c61.jpg  photo IMG_2263_zps2cebb704.jpg  photo IMG_2292_zps28f7d532.jpg  photo IMG_2320_zpsc829a7ad.jpg  photo IMG_2328BW_zps72053504.jpg  photo IMG_2335_zps9893a584.jpg  photo IMG_2350_zps91a3cdca.jpg  photo IMG_2409_zpsfe4b33b8.jpg 
I love how they are both making the same faces in the one above!
 photo IMG_2426_zps2abb0324.jpg  photo IMG_2449_zps2288dd2e.jpg

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