Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Elin {9 Days Old}, Adelaide {2} and Family

Now this session was fun - beautiful baby, adorable and fun toddler, and just awesome parents.  I am very excited to share these photos with this family because I am so happy with them.  They were taken at their home and right when we (me and my awesome friend/assistant/learner, Carrie of Carrie Sebes Photography) arrived a snow shower took over all of the natural light coming in through the windows!  Luckily, in about 20 minutes, the snow stopped and the light came back and we were able to work.  Adelaide did awesome and so did Elin.  I should also add that Elin was VERY excited to enter the world as labor started and finished very fast and was delivered at home while they were getting ready to leave for the hospital!  A very dramatic and exciting story for this family to share (although probably not so exciting at the time)!  Thank you for letting me capture your family as you celebrate the arrival of your second, perfect baby girl.

 photo IMG_3632_zps06f37dc1.jpg  photo IMG_3655_zpsf5bb2e6c.jpg  photo IMG_3672BW_zps9350a703.jpg  photo IMG_3681_zpsdb362af4.jpg  photo IMG_3697_zpse062ed1a.jpg  photo IMG_3700_zps25a0d6c2.jpg  photo IMG_3712BW_zps828ec6d9.jpg  photo IMG_3732_zps06895cfb.jpg  photo IMG_3738_zpsa0450975.jpg  photo IMG_3767_zps6e45847f.jpg  photo IMG_3775_zpsb272f09d.jpg  photo IMG_3777_zpsc6c162f7.jpg  photo IMG_3783BW_zps4c90e611.jpg  photo IMG_3811_zps7996de67.jpg  photo IMG_3836_zpsc479cac6.jpg  photo IMG_3848_zps677eb467.jpg  photo IMG_3880BW_zps6179e21f.jpg  photo IMG_3912_zps56afa2f9.jpg  photo IMG_3947_zps331c9424.jpg  photo IMG_3957BW_zps1bd729d8.jpg  photo IMG_3966_zpsf42df6c0.jpg  photo IMG_3979_zps6cea9af5.jpg  photo IMG_3992_zpsa35798cb.jpg

 photo IMG_3402_zps8cfb6dfc.jpg  photo IMG_3418_zps5f4f4a4f.jpg  photo IMG_3425BW_zps4acac685.jpg  photo IMG_3439_zpsf30409cc.jpg  photo IMG_3466BW_zps9f6af3d9.jpg  photo IMG_3496BW_zps68698309.jpg  photo IMG_3521BW_zpsc3e0ab47.jpg  photo IMG_3535BW_zps116f1244.jpg  photo IMG_3548BW_zps58dd5aa9.jpg  photo IMG_3598_zpsfda68767.jpg  photo IMG_3609_zps1c83db4c.jpg

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