Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Leo {18 Months} and Family

I first me this family this past summer and it's hard to believe how much adorable little Leo has grown since then!  He is running around like crazy and just totally sweet.  We met at the Arboretum on a very unexpected warm-ish day.  57 degrees on November 16th was a pretty nice treat.  The family brought their dog, Roxy, along this time so we had fun trying to get her in a few shots too.  I will say, though, that dogs are definitely tougher to photograph than toddlers!  It was awesome seeing you guys again and looking forward to Leo's 2 year shoot in the spring!

 photo IMG_2567_zpsb1718cdf.jpg  photo IMG_2591_zpsc149d1ae.jpg  photo IMG_2594BW_zpsded2858f.jpg  photo IMG_2616_zpsbced6a70.jpg  photo IMG_2652_zps371b0134.jpg  photo IMG_2668_zps0965dde4.jpg  photo IMG_2679_zpsec2e0c33.jpg  photo IMG_2705_zps5292151c.jpg  photo IMG_2711_zps2d2be147.jpg  photo IMG_2730_zpsaba1f512.jpg  photo IMG_2743_zps80bf3623.jpg  photo IMG_2745_zps0f39c1da.jpg  photo IMG_2754_zpsd09e43f6.jpg  photo IMG_2778_zps789d91e5.jpg  photo IMG_2783_zpsd23bacb2.jpg  photo IMG_2794_zpsab5711f0.jpg  photo IMG_2812_zps64010f4f.jpg  photo IMG_2844_zps42c1da3c.jpg  photo IMG_2854_zps58330e5c.jpg  photo IMG_2874_zps5294ae60.jpg  photo IMG_2895_zps2e01585f.jpg  photo IMG_2926_zps86901df9.jpg  photo IMG_2934_zps4268c365.jpg  photo IMG_2946_zpscaea0d15.jpg  photo IMG_2956_zpsc4605d2c.jpg  photo IMG_2964_zpsf8e3be18.jpg  photo IMG_2976BW_zps958fef23.jpg

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