Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Molly {2} and Family

Oh this little girl and these parents - just so fun to be around and so incredibly cute.  They are just one of those families that you can't help but adore.  Molly is the sweetest little girl who really was a dream to shoot.  I could have taken her home with me - we do need more girls in this home to even things out!  Thank you so much for having me capture your family and your daughter at this age - I had a blast.

 photo IMG_8294_zps95fa9ce0.jpg  photo IMG_8342BW_zps39198955.jpg  photo IMG_8385_zpsb720aee8.jpg  photo IMG_8391_zps0eb33285.jpg  photo IMG_8398_zps0e11cbe3.jpg  photo IMG_8413_zps23d4b6ea.jpg  photo IMG_8423_zpsdef52f4b.jpg  photo IMG_8465_zps0f8aa023.jpg  photo IMG_8479_zpsdae64d16.jpg  photo IMG_8517_zps3fad6352.jpg  photo IMG_8533_zps11f90cb4.jpg  photo IMG_8540_zps553de8da.jpg  photo IMG_8548BW_zps8d279fe5.jpg  photo IMG_8560_zps78911e30.jpg  photo IMG_8582_zpsf0ea44fc.jpg  photo IMG_8599_zps753422b7.jpg  photo IMG_8642_zps949d0f7f.jpg  photo IMG_8653_zps38121a7f.jpg  photo IMG_8667_zps88f4a54b.jpg  photo IMG_8683_zps25d49ea8.jpg  photo IMG_8690_zps06abee35.jpg  photo IMG_8700_zpsbba6cdcf.jpg  photo IMG_8714_zps29eb38c2.jpg  photo IMG_8748_zpseaa597fd.jpg  photo IMG_8772_zpsdafc6f25.jpg  photo IMG_8799BW_zps12bc1faf.jpg  photo IMG_8817_zps2d9b0cc0.jpg

Monday, October 28, 2013

Emmy {1}, Logan {3} and Family - MINI Session

I just love this family!  We hang out a lot while our husbands work.  I did a shoot for them when little Emmy turned 1 several months ago so we just did a quick MINI session this time around at their beautiful home.  It is getting pretty chilly outside these days, especially in the morning which is when we met.  The kids did great though and the dog, Tucker, did too - but it sure is hard getting a dog to sit exactly where we want him to!  He is, however, one of the sweetest, calmest dogs I have ever met.  Logan was one of my first little models when I started out on this photography adventure and I cannot believe that he will be 4 in just a few months!  And adorable little Emmy - it feels like she was born just 6 months ago...time goes way too fast and before we know it our family and this family will be moving away from Ann Arbor.  It will be very bitter sweet.  Thank you for all of the great memories so far!

 photo IMG_8085_zpsecb87288.jpg  photo IMG_8092_zps0c71f7cd.jpg  photo IMG_8102_zps415e3b56.jpg  photo IMG_8135_zps7372b7eb.jpg  photo IMG_8168_zps9907513e.jpg

 photo IMG_8206_zpse0d811fc.jpg  photo IMG_8227_zps29089745.jpg  photo IMG_8272_zps2a615d68.jpg

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Malcolm {1}, Lincoln {7}, Sydney {10} and Family

I did a shoot for this family last year and they were SO fun to shoot.  Their children were at the perfect ages - two old enough to follow direction and a baby who wasn't mobile at the time.  This year I was a little nervous because of how well last year went and with their youngest being about 18 months old this year - which is such a hard age to shoot sometimes.  Well this year they were awesome again!  It was a quick shoot because they all were so fun and did everything so well.  This family just adores each other and are so fun to be around.  It was so great seeing you all again and it makes me sad that I won't be living her anymore next fall to be able to do another shoot for you!

 photo IMG_8933_zpsd7b60c7b.jpg  photo IMG_8967_zpsab3342b1.jpg  photo IMG_8991_zpsa71ca5bb.jpg  photo IMG_8994BW_zps436fdc75.jpg  photo IMG_8999_zpsb43d277e.jpg  photo IMG_9005_zps8a91e036.jpg  photo IMG_9025_zps0bad5d46.jpg  photo IMG_9032_zpsf107ae12.jpg  photo IMG_9040_zps4ef83a33.jpg  photo IMG_9044BW_zps405855d2.jpg  photo IMG_9045BW_zpsb7e99224.jpg  photo IMG_9054_zps732bf014.jpg  photo IMG_9079_zpsae379191.jpg  photo IMG_9085_zps3de0cfc9.jpg  photo IMG_9094_zps89bb76e4.jpg  photo IMG_9106BW_zps6941d25a.jpg  photo IMG_9128_zpsf4caffd7.jpg  photo IMG_9156_zpsb9165919.jpg  photo IMG_9173_zps48e7c1b7.jpg  photo IMG_9179BW_zps60a3ece8.jpg  photo IMG_9198_zpsf5668785.jpg  photo IMG_9208_zps7cdb6ee3.jpg  photo IMG_9211_zps09d4013b.jpg  photo IMG_9234_zps81dfea18.jpg  photo IMG_9237_zps183ad14b.jpg  photo IMG_9256_zps9d23e24c.jpg

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