Sunday, October 6, 2013

Maya {2}, Ellie {4} and Family

I met this adorable family last fall and I felt honored that they wanted me to do their family pictures again this fall!  I just love my clients here in Ann Arbor...  Maya and Ellie are a blast to be with - so adorable and silly.  We were lucky to have a beautiful evening after we had to reschedule from a rainy evening.  It was so great to see your family again!!!

 photo IMG_4315_zpsd19d51ce.jpg  photo IMG_4323_zps2494d938.jpg  photo IMG_4329_zpsf0a9385b.jpg  photo IMG_4341BW_zpsd486d76e.jpg  photo IMG_4387_zps8e31a092.jpg  photo IMG_4414_zps08a88131.jpg  photo IMG_4430_zps6e19c317.jpg  photo IMG_4438_zps2f7a486a.jpg  photo IMG_4460BW_zpsec9d7d71.jpg  photo IMG_4472_zps7aa54fd2.jpg  photo IMG_4495_zps76a5b03a.jpg  photo IMG_4499_zps5843c000.jpg  photo IMG_4515_zps2049ea4f.jpg  photo IMG_4548_zps46309752.jpg  photo IMG_4568_zpsa2db6139.jpg  photo IMG_4579_zps88d01c92.jpg  photo IMG_4587_zpsd3da9313.jpg  photo IMG_4606_zps6dad09d9.jpg  photo IMG_4609_zps9f2206fa.jpg  photo IMG_4624_zps4530931d.jpg  photo IMG_4626_zpsf7a98c12.jpg  photo IMG_4627_zpse261a507.jpg  photo IMG_4655_zpse9464b52.jpg  photo IMG_4675_zps77f5bf2a.jpg  photo IMG_4719_zps95f0c5ea.jpg  photo IMG_4736_zps17c49ea6.jpg  photo IMG_4746_zpsba8bc6df.jpg  photo IMG_4762_zps09103cf8.jpg

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