Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Maddy {4}, Cameron {8} and Dayna {11}

Maddy turned 4!  We got together primarily to celebrate her birthday, but to capture some shots her brother and sister as well.  Maddy has a ton of personality and we had fun with some balloons and a lollipop towards the end.  Her big sister, Dayna, brought along her viola which was fun to photograph. Happy Birthday, sweet Maddy!!

 photo IMG_3311_zps640802a3.jpg  photo IMG_3334_zps4dc1da79.jpg  photo IMG_3352_zps7e8933fc.jpg  photo IMG_3360BW_zps66ad056f.jpg  photo IMG_3363_zpsbc278fb4.jpg  photo IMG_3389BW_zps5087d0fc.jpg  photo IMG_3396BW_zps83c33afd.jpg  photo IMG_3406_zps1c0f2836.jpg  photo IMG_3412_zps37888d46.jpg  photo IMG_3446_zps2ee21baa.jpg  photo IMG_3464_zpsef22f9c2.jpg  photo IMG_3507_zpsca6e380a.jpg  photo IMG_3510_zps64ccff9f.jpg  photo IMG_3512_zps2f4f3fff.jpg  photo IMG_3542_zps8d3672cc.jpg  photo IMG_3563_zps8673d757.jpg  photo IMG_3569_zps7e1023ac.jpg  photo IMG_3579_zps867c2d47.jpg  photo IMG_3589_zps659ae4d7.jpg  photo IMG_3626_zps716ee1e9.jpg  photo IMG_3651_zps334392f5.jpg  photo IMG_3658_zps0047d82c.jpg  photo IMG_3678_zpsf7ea40ec.jpg  photo IMG_3697_zpsc6470fa2.jpg  photo IMG_3720_zpsf6707441.jpg  photo IMG_3730_zpse958bd4d.jpg  photo IMG_3737_zpsd0c7377e.jpg  photo IMG_3752_zps51018717.jpg  photo IMG_3774_zps39e7aaa2.jpg

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