Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Riya {One Year Old!} and Family

Beautiful little Miss Riya was such a doll.  We did this shoot at the family's home and in their yard.  It was this past Saturday which was just a totally icky weather day.  We communicated all day long, debating if we should give the shoot a shot or not and finally decided to go for it.  Luckily the rain clouds parted for us for a short period of time and we were able to do the whole shoot!  This family is so adorable and sweet and were such a joy to be with.  I love the setup Riya's mom put together for the indoor shoot and their beautiful dark wood floor added a nice mood to the photos.  It was so great seeing you guys and I hope to see you around again soon!

 photo IMG_8093_zpse636c654.jpg  photo IMG_8101BW_zps87e3e161.jpg  photo IMG_8104BW_zpsd34d5a9c.jpg  photo IMG_8113_zpsebaa915c.jpg  photo IMG_8121_zps1753a340.jpg  photo IMG_8129_zps1b451eda.jpg  photo IMG_8158_zpsbbd9d97f.jpg  photo IMG_8169_zps0702bf75.jpg  photo IMG_8172BW_zps9043f25c.jpg  photo IMG_8218BW_zps8f27f4d9.jpg  photo IMG_8233_zpsd1881a16.jpg  photo IMG_8244BW_zps47eaf518.jpg  photo IMG_8257_zps2b60147c.jpg  photo IMG_8269_zps499feedd.jpg  photo IMG_8288_zps773fc5c0.jpg  photo IMG_8307_zpsf7d008b1.jpg  photo IMG_8311_zps6e1fb25e.jpg  photo IMG_8321_zps91977e54.jpg  photo IMG_8365_zps9cd527d5.jpg  photo IMG_8392BW_zpsbe74ad7a.jpg  photo IMG_8393_zpsb0580113.jpg  photo IMG_8414_zps0d5d60b6.jpg  photo IMG_8419_zps95fbccac.jpg  photo IMG_8436_zps69f42f09.jpg  photo IMG_8441BW_zps1abf3e70.jpg  photo IMG_8452_zps3cfa8513.jpg

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