Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hayden {6}, Hadley {3} and Family

It felt so great to get back into doing sessions last weekend after being on "maternity leave" - I cannot believe our baby girl is almost 8 weeks old already!  This adorable family was a wonderful one to start off the busy season with.  I know this family because we actually lived in Grand Forks and Ann Arbor at the same time as them so it was great to catch up and meet their youngest daughter.  And oh these girls...I could have photographed them for days.  Sure, they were active and silly, but I love that the most.  And I love that little Hadley asked to come home with me at the end of the session and when we didn't let her, she cried - I totally would have taken her home with me as Malin needs a sister, haha.  Thanks for being a fun family to photograph and hope to see you again soon!

 photo IMG_9243_zps5z8ckazq.jpg  photo IMG_9254_zps0obmwags.jpg  photo IMG_9262 FB_zpsllem5xjo.jpg  photo IMG_9271_zpsrxcfy0kr.jpg
 photo IMG_9278BW_zpskcag58ua.jpg  photo IMG_9308_zpsqrxsmd0l.jpg  photo IMG_9348 FB_zps2hhsqo2u.jpg
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 photo IMG_9485_zpsygxgjqdb.jpg  photo IMG_9491_zpsitzdopwn.jpg
 photo IMG_9528_zpskfa9gjzq.jpg  photo IMG_9545_zps6m4x7r6o.jpg  photo IMG_9550 FB_zpspmgjmxo7.jpg
 photo IMG_9572_zpsb1k6lzuh.jpg
 photo IMG_9571_zpsxhmj9goq.jpg  photo IMG_9590_zpssq9flyro.jpg
 photo IMG_9591_zpsgc6kxzue.jpg  photo IMG_9604_zpsytyaopsw.jpg  photo IMG_9613_zpslmm1jy34.jpg  photo IMG_9653_zpsgjq66gfx.jpg  photo IMG_9657_zpsxe3fyt3o.jpg  photo IMG_9682_zpsitjf3dat.jpg  photo IMG_9691_zps7zsjhhvn.jpg  photo IMG_9698_zpsdx25sgvt.jpg  photo IMG_9711_zpsrefmhk3e.jpg  photo IMG_9715_zpsmzkugdsp.jpg  photo IMG_9719_zpspauuzisy.jpg
 photo IMG_9727_zpsggbntxc7.jpg
 photo IMG_9736_zpslc0uh7ky.jpg  photo IMG_9738_zpswk5fl2jp.jpg  photo IMG_9748_zps1ox7xir0.jpg  photo IMG_9754_zpsck7eanlj.jpg  photo IMG_9769_zpshndswjtw.jpg  photo IMG_9780BW_zpsjaai2zpn.jpg  photo IMG_9785BW_zpsn05zlf4n.jpg  photo IMG_9787_zpshopmkflf.jpg  photo IMG_9804_zps6ezsuzg5.jpg  photo IMG_9815_zps3znq9lps.jpg
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