Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lukas {ONE!} - MINI Session

This adorable, smiley little boy turned one today!  He seriously smiled almost the entire time I was with him, except for when the cake was in front of him for his cake smash because he really didn't want much to do with it, haha.  I loved meeting this little guy and seeing his mommy again who was a friend of mine in college.  So. Much. Fun.  Congratulations to you guys for making it through your first year as parents and on having such a perfect little boy.

 photo IMG_1678_zpsbd3a5da0.jpg  photo IMG_1682_zps2f48beee.jpg  photo IMG_1693_zpsa6850fea.jpg  photo IMG_1697_zpsbc1c145a.jpg  photo IMG_1700_zps33d08b04.jpg  photo IMG_1745_zps1eb3f684.jpg  photo IMG_1761_zpsa705b8b3.jpg  photo IMG_1792_zpsf4424eae.jpg  photo IMG_1812_zpsf6b4a4c1.jpg  photo IMG_1832_zpsc1fc0320.jpg  photo IMG_1836_zps5925ce44.jpg  photo IMG_1846_zps8f8afbc8.jpg  photo IMG_1855_zps37a3fba1.jpg  photo IMG_1877_zps741e0ac5.jpg

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Baby {F} - Maternity Session

I met with this adorable couple to capture the baby bump and exciting time of expecting their first baby.  They do not know if it's a boy or a girl and the anticipation is killing them.  Baby's due date is January 10th and I am so excited to be able to meet him/her for newborn photos and see these parents again.  We really lucked out with beautiful temperatures in the 40's (it's amazing how warm 40's feel after the below zero wind chills we have been having) and there was an incredible fog which stuck around the entire day.  I cannot wait to hear the news of the arrival of their baby and wish you a comfortable and restful last few weeks!

 photo IMG_1456_zpsd078e9a4.jpg  photo IMG_1467_zps1a469a8a.jpg  photo IMG_1477_zps96adcf23.jpg  photo IMG_1487BW_zpsd592b152.jpg  photo IMG_1500_zps3aef68d6.jpg  photo IMG_1508_zps1558790a.jpg  photo IMG_1512_zps6c743d20.jpg  photo IMG_1521_zps19c01e22.jpg  photo IMG_1542_zps10c453bd.jpg  photo IMG_1555_zps239f450a.jpg  photo IMG_1558_zpsb54c7dd4.jpg  photo IMG_1563_zps08786459.jpg  photo IMG_1564_zps36fb08e5.jpg  photo IMG_1569_zps6ad8f2ca.jpg  photo IMG_1583_zps09091284.jpg  photo IMG_1600_zps1a7df320.jpg  photo IMG_1609_zps122b4050.jpg  photo IMG_1611_zps1030741d.jpg  photo IMG_1620_zpsa58fbdd6.jpg  photo IMG_1630_zps0acf3315.jpg  photo IMG_1643BW_zps372e9c08.jpg  photo IMG_1647_zpsdd4bbe5e.jpg  photo IMG_1650_zpsf2079ef5.jpg

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Kealey {3}, Ayden {5}, Skyler {13} and Family - MINI Session

I love that this adorable family was willing to attempt a quick outdoor shoot in the cold on their farm. Sure, there aren't beautiful leaves or bright green grass, but there is something I really love about the snow and winter grass and trees.  These kids did awesome!  I know the mother through a mom's group and it was great to meet her family and get to know her a little better as well.  Happy Holidays to everyone - such a fun time of the year!

 photo IMG_1245_zps8d695b82.jpg  photo IMG_1251_zps1f86165f.jpg  photo IMG_1279_zps0faf70aa.jpg  photo IMG_1283_zps3df3b27e.jpg  photo IMG_1296_zpsafce4731.jpg  photo IMG_1335_zps6f4cf8d2.jpg  photo IMG_1342_zpsc98f6dfc.jpg  photo IMG_1354_zps320aa165.jpg  photo IMG_1362_zpsfe17a019.jpg  photo IMG_1368_zps9ec0f643.jpg  photo IMG_1386_zps7babc337.jpg  photo IMG_1396_zps9662a952.jpg  photo IMG_1411_zpsb60c4839.jpg  photo IMG_1436_zpse431bf0b.jpg  photo IMG_1443_zps0f05ff92.jpg
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