Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Kealey {3}, Ayden {5}, Skyler {13} and Family - MINI Session

I love that this adorable family was willing to attempt a quick outdoor shoot in the cold on their farm. Sure, there aren't beautiful leaves or bright green grass, but there is something I really love about the snow and winter grass and trees.  These kids did awesome!  I know the mother through a mom's group and it was great to meet her family and get to know her a little better as well.  Happy Holidays to everyone - such a fun time of the year!

 photo IMG_1245_zps8d695b82.jpg  photo IMG_1251_zps1f86165f.jpg  photo IMG_1279_zps0faf70aa.jpg  photo IMG_1283_zps3df3b27e.jpg  photo IMG_1296_zpsafce4731.jpg  photo IMG_1335_zps6f4cf8d2.jpg  photo IMG_1342_zpsc98f6dfc.jpg  photo IMG_1354_zps320aa165.jpg  photo IMG_1362_zpsfe17a019.jpg  photo IMG_1368_zps9ec0f643.jpg  photo IMG_1386_zps7babc337.jpg  photo IMG_1396_zps9662a952.jpg  photo IMG_1411_zpsb60c4839.jpg  photo IMG_1436_zpse431bf0b.jpg  photo IMG_1443_zps0f05ff92.jpg

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