Thursday, August 29, 2013

Henrik {3 Months} and Family - MINI Session

This little guy is so very adorable and we had a great time on a beautiful evening.  His parents were telling me that he was almost 11 pounds when he was born, but to me he looks so little now - maybe because I am comparing him to my 20 pound 7 month old!  It was great meeting you guys!!!

 photo IMG_9290_zpsa490379c.jpg  photo IMG_9316_zps74ab8ede.jpg  photo IMG_9342BW_zpsbb8fc518.jpg  photo IMG_9356_zps35408395.jpg  photo IMG_9381_zps591dc159.jpg  photo IMG_9411_zpse1381cd1.jpg  photo IMG_9413BW_zpsc1407a5d.jpg  photo IMG_9449_zps6780fbc8.jpg  photo IMG_9464_zps9bf49c8e.jpg  photo IMG_9479_zpsd9ab050c.jpg

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Nina {1}, Saul {2} and Family

This family was one of the nicest I have ever met.  The grandparents of the children actually gifted this photo shoot to the family and they came for a few pictures too.  They were all just so sweet and so happy and I really think you can see that in these pictures.  Nina and Saul are completely adorable and they did so well for their ages.  It was so great meeting you all and thank for for letting me capture your family through photos at this time in your lives :)

 photo IMG_8703_zpsfbead4c6.jpg  photo IMG_8706_zpsf13ffe97.jpg  photo IMG_8714_zps86ac9cc6.jpg  photo IMG_8721BW_zps1dfc1663.jpg  photo IMG_8743_zps39f1d96f.jpg  photo IMG_8759_zps99cb4c3c.jpg  photo IMG_8781_zpsd546438d.jpg  photo IMG_8819_zpsf6c804ca.jpg  photo IMG_8829_zpsd44b6c0b.jpg  photo IMG_8878_zps1b34faf0.jpg  photo IMG_8937_zpsae427b27.jpg  photo IMG_8962_zpsc046ef01.jpg  photo IMG_8968_zpsdce459f7.jpg  photo IMG_9005_zps732008dd.jpg  photo IMG_9011BW_zps0784e14a.jpg  photo IMG_9031_zpsf011b500.jpg  photo IMG_9033_zps6b830403.jpg  photo IMG_9063_zps50a9df7a.jpg  photo IMG_9093BW_zps8acd1694.jpg 
So the above picture is super sweet because when Saul holds Nina, he sucks his thumb and plays with her sweet!
 photo IMG_9101_zps5b6f650c.jpg  photo IMG_9140_zps7c7b9def.jpg  photo IMG_9153_zpsd1dab6e5.jpg  photo IMG_9161BW_zps4996a17e.jpg  photo IMG_9166_zps6d1b3457.jpg  photo IMG_9201_zpsb3de9648.jpg  photo IMG_9221BW_zpsda3f8172.jpg  photo IMG_9229_zpsbdad76cb.jpg  photo IMG_9261_zps34703209.jpg

Monday, August 26, 2013

Madison {4}, Nolan {1 1/2} and Family

Here is another family I just love being around!  I really wish we could see them more but both parents work so they don't join the world of weekday playdates very often.  We had such a fun time on campus.  Madison is a sweet, obviously super adorable, chatterbox and Nolan is a very (very) active, cute little boy who just wants to explore like crazy.  I am so happy with the sibling shots I got - some of them thanks to their mom bringing delicious cake star things from Trader Joe's - they sure got excited when she talked about bringing them out!  Enjoy these pics of an adorable family :)

 photo IMG_7892_zps2ab0598a.jpg  photo IMG_7914_zps80ea40c2.jpg  photo IMG_7920BW_zps9cd1a6da.jpg  photo IMG_7926_zpsd39c3425.jpg  photo IMG_7971_zpsd959e235.jpg  photo IMG_7977_zps5a5143f7.jpg  photo IMG_7984BW_zps2eeafc38.jpg  photo IMG_7996_zpsbe6fbeaa.jpg  photo IMG_8019_zps6bc40f05.jpg  photo IMG_8032_zpsaa9f01e8.jpg  photo IMG_8047_zps5b59be55.jpg  photo IMG_8084_zps5b60a114.jpg  photo IMG_8100_zpse6adcef3.jpg  photo IMG_8161_zpsa0a68cce.jpg  photo IMG_8168BW_zpsa24250c9.jpg  photo IMG_8174_zps21ed9bf1.jpg  photo IMG_8195BW_zps536be777.jpg  photo IMG_8232_zps47fa9365.jpg  photo IMG_8240_zps6394753f.jpg  photo IMG_8257_zps51103a9e.jpg  photo IMG_8261_zps51c65438.jpg  photo IMG_8274_zps823030d6.jpg  photo IMG_8282_zps27de78a2.jpg  photo IMG_8313_zps872f1c22.jpg  photo IMG_8314_zps174c9f62.jpg  photo IMG_8332_zps5933ce06.jpg  photo IMG_8342BW_zpsf1fdd5db.jpg  photo IMG_8355_zpsf352857a.jpg  photo IMG_8366_zpsb16ba667.jpg

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