Thursday, August 29, 2013

Henrik {3 Months} and Family - MINI Session

This little guy is so very adorable and we had a great time on a beautiful evening.  His parents were telling me that he was almost 11 pounds when he was born, but to me he looks so little now - maybe because I am comparing him to my 20 pound 7 month old!  It was great meeting you guys!!!

 photo IMG_9290_zpsa490379c.jpg  photo IMG_9316_zps74ab8ede.jpg  photo IMG_9342BW_zpsbb8fc518.jpg  photo IMG_9356_zps35408395.jpg  photo IMG_9381_zps591dc159.jpg  photo IMG_9411_zpse1381cd1.jpg  photo IMG_9413BW_zpsc1407a5d.jpg  photo IMG_9449_zps6780fbc8.jpg  photo IMG_9464_zps9bf49c8e.jpg  photo IMG_9479_zpsd9ab050c.jpg

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