Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ryder {2} and Family

Ah, this little guy was just full of personality and cuteness.  The weather was perfect, the bugs weren't really out, and we had a great time at the gardens.  Ryder needed to have his train with him most of the shoot and as long as he did, his personality came out.  They also brought out some books, which I thought gave me some sweet moments to capture.  Happy Birthday Ryder!  It was so great to meet you guys!

 photo IMG_4889_zps7346d204.jpg  photo IMG_4916_zpsdd4153d0.jpg  photo IMG_4942_zps1f5016ad.jpg  photo IMG_4947_zpsd7e9dc70.jpg  photo IMG_5003_zps0bdc8d0b.jpg  photo IMG_5039_zpsbe4a7d63.jpg  photo IMG_5071_zps0d8fe7ed.jpg  photo IMG_5075_zps88c3ad6e.jpg  photo IMG_5084_zpsea0ce749.jpg  photo IMG_5108_zpsd0ed67c6.jpg  photo IMG_5118_zps7e19d9ad.jpg  photo IMG_5138_zps2d129a99.jpg  photo IMG_5153_zps5440c319.jpg  photo IMG_5190_zpsfc992cd5.jpg  photo IMG_5192_zps20081ae5.jpg  photo IMG_5195_zps77804494.jpg  photo IMG_5199_zps76d58888.jpg  photo IMG_5203_zps8b1bd262.jpg  photo IMG_5250_zps3c5d4486.jpg  photo IMG_5267_zps1dd071f6.jpg  photo IMG_5283BW_zpsa6e939d7.jpg  photo IMG_5301_zpsc5e5473d.jpg  photo IMG_5309_zps667b495a.jpg  photo IMG_5330BW_zps21f0f3bc.jpg  photo IMG_5360_zps453be6fb.jpg  photo IMG_5367BW_zpsfd051c5d.jpg  photo IMG_5373BW_zps4c322fc3.jpg

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