Friday, August 2, 2013

Leo {14 Months} and Family

Adorable little Leo and his parents met me at the gardens on a very questionable weather night (like so many have been lately).  It was nice out, but there were pretty dark clouds making their way toward us. Because of that, and his active age, we moved fast!  It sprinkled a little during the session, but we did manage to get some great shots of him and his family before the rain stopped the session.  This family was so sweet and love their little guy so much.  Leo is a relatively new walker, beginning about a month ago, so he was so proud of himself when he cruised around.  Happy Belated Birthday, Leo!

 photo IMG_4529_zpsc2443ee9.jpg  photo IMG_4540BW_zps07f9dd6b.jpg  photo IMG_4561_zps833242d0.jpg  photo IMG_4563_zpsc2cb67dc.jpg  photo IMG_4575_zps372fb730.jpg  photo IMG_4578BW_zpsfb1a4ee6.jpg  photo IMG_4582_zps30f771c8.jpg  photo IMG_4593_zpse2fd414e.jpg  photo IMG_4608_zps3789acc2.jpg  photo IMG_4619_zps6018b980.jpg  photo IMG_4623_zps313dc684.jpg  photo IMG_4651_zps9173aa5b.jpg  photo IMG_4659_zpsde9c2956.jpg  photo IMG_4665_zpsb7f115fb.jpg  photo IMG_4676BW_zps44befebb.jpg  photo IMG_4692_zps4c4fd4fb.jpg  photo IMG_4708_zpsa5ea0e6c.jpg  photo IMG_4722_zpsf176e0ee.jpg  photo IMG_4727_zps4bfa19a8.jpg  photo IMG_4731_zps8de71bf5.jpg  photo IMG_4743_zps2ee60d11.jpg  photo IMG_4747_zps7eb3d8bb.jpg  photo IMG_4760_zps90190c0c.jpg  photo IMG_4768BW_zpsdb048b20.jpg  photo IMG_4771BW_zpse2e49b78.jpg  photo IMG_4777_zps0fe937c6.jpg

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