Thursday, August 8, 2013

{M} Couple

This adorable couple moved to Ann Arbor from Japan one year ago and are already on their next journey to California.  After one more year of education, they will be moving back to Japan to be back with family and begin their careers. They are just the sweetest couple and really wanted some photos to remember Ann Arbor and the campus architecture.  They brought me to their favorite locations on a beautiful, perfect evening.  It was so great meeting you two and I wish you the best on your new adventures!!

 photo IMG_5375_zps4108cd62.jpg  photo IMG_5391_zps52c94436.jpg  photo IMG_5410_zpsc54781e1.jpg  photo IMG_5437_zps2167e777.jpg  photo IMG_5449_zpsfbd4d3ef.jpg  photo IMG_5467_zps435f0178.jpg  photo IMG_5487_zps4da336a7.jpg  photo IMG_5508_zps0e18fe0a.jpg  photo IMG_5516_zps7526a7e0.jpg  photo IMG_5531BW_zpsfde8bcff.jpg  photo IMG_5538_zps0f4cf793.jpg  photo IMG_5547_zps77fb8ead.jpg  photo IMG_5556_zps2ed301b6.jpg  photo IMG_5582_zps7e6010df.jpg  photo IMG_5590_zps9904e610.jpg  photo IMG_5596_zps63901a43.jpg  photo IMG_5618BW_zpsdbd3198d.jpg  photo IMG_5622_zpsf004409b.jpg  photo IMG_5629_zpsb21ab29f.jpg  photo IMG_5637_zpsd7c89963.jpg

 photo IMG_5650_zps771b7e21.jpg  photo IMG_5667BW_zps39ebfd10.jpg  photo IMG_5668_zps9bc366bc.jpg  photo IMG_5678BW_zps37375763.jpg

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