Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Grace {9 Days Old}, Jack {2 1/2} and Family

Sweet, adorable Grace - baby sister to Jack - was a joy to photograph.  We did more of a "lifestyle" newborn session at the family's brand new beautiful home and little Jack did awesome for his age.  We focused on Jack first so he could be done and go swimming, which worked out perfect.  I am so happy for this family and little Grace.  Congratulations again guys!!!

 photo IMG_6438_zps29c3e86a.jpg  photo IMG_6470_zpsb19f849b.jpg  photo IMG_6487_zps5e3f753a.jpg  photo IMG_6529BW_zps25053871.jpg  photo IMG_6580_zpscc27adb4.jpg  photo IMG_6583BW_zps83bef1ea.jpg  photo IMG_6626BW_zpsd6bba9de.jpg  photo IMG_6636_zpsd75748d0.jpg  photo IMG_6647BW_zps87df617a.jpg  photo IMG_6678_zpsf6f2ecc3.jpg  photo IMG_6696_zps98babe01.jpg  photo IMG_6720_zpsbccea091.jpg 
The family did the above photo for Jack's newborn session so we did it for Grace too!
 photo IMG_6751_zpscd105bf5.jpg 
They always look so tiny in their cribs at this age!
 photo IMG_6757_zpse3980147.jpg  photo IMG_6762_zps6483463e.jpg  photo IMG_6770BW_zps3a2f5082.jpg  photo IMG_6793_zpsf0cc9d01.jpg  photo IMG_6800_zpse350d51d.jpg  photo IMG_6817_zpse1c4690d.jpg  photo IMG_6822_zps345dbad6.jpg  photo IMG_6831_zpsf9aa4097.jpg  photo IMG_6837_zps4622b0ba.jpg  photo IMG_6854BW_zps47858d8b.jpg  photo IMG_6868_zpsb3ffc44e.jpg  photo IMG_6877BW_zps221a72de.jpg  photo IMG_6895BW_zps65dbb052.jpg  photo IMG_6914BW_zps13c10039.jpg  photo IMG_6917_zps257b926e.jpg 
She often sticks her tongue out just a little and they when she was born she had her tongue out!  So cute.
 photo IMG_6926BW_zps2376229c.jpg  photo IMG_6955_zpsd2be3ede.jpg  photo IMG_6977BW_zpsb12668b9.jpg  photo IMG_7021_zps9fe29df0.jpg 
The new family of 4 with their new home.
 photo IMG_7030_zpsf77e2f98.jpg

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