Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Nina {1}, Saul {2} and Family

This family was one of the nicest I have ever met.  The grandparents of the children actually gifted this photo shoot to the family and they came for a few pictures too.  They were all just so sweet and so happy and I really think you can see that in these pictures.  Nina and Saul are completely adorable and they did so well for their ages.  It was so great meeting you all and thank for for letting me capture your family through photos at this time in your lives :)

 photo IMG_8703_zpsfbead4c6.jpg  photo IMG_8706_zpsf13ffe97.jpg  photo IMG_8714_zps86ac9cc6.jpg  photo IMG_8721BW_zps1dfc1663.jpg  photo IMG_8743_zps39f1d96f.jpg  photo IMG_8759_zps99cb4c3c.jpg  photo IMG_8781_zpsd546438d.jpg  photo IMG_8819_zpsf6c804ca.jpg  photo IMG_8829_zpsd44b6c0b.jpg  photo IMG_8878_zps1b34faf0.jpg  photo IMG_8937_zpsae427b27.jpg  photo IMG_8962_zpsc046ef01.jpg  photo IMG_8968_zpsdce459f7.jpg  photo IMG_9005_zps732008dd.jpg  photo IMG_9011BW_zps0784e14a.jpg  photo IMG_9031_zpsf011b500.jpg  photo IMG_9033_zps6b830403.jpg  photo IMG_9063_zps50a9df7a.jpg  photo IMG_9093BW_zps8acd1694.jpg 
So the above picture is super sweet because when Saul holds Nina, he sucks his thumb and plays with her ears...so sweet!
 photo IMG_9101_zps5b6f650c.jpg  photo IMG_9140_zps7c7b9def.jpg  photo IMG_9153_zpsd1dab6e5.jpg  photo IMG_9161BW_zps4996a17e.jpg  photo IMG_9166_zps6d1b3457.jpg  photo IMG_9201_zpsb3de9648.jpg  photo IMG_9221BW_zpsda3f8172.jpg  photo IMG_9229_zpsbdad76cb.jpg  photo IMG_9261_zps34703209.jpg

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