Thursday, August 22, 2013

Jillian and Kate {Almost 3} and Family - MINI Session

I just love this family...  I have known them since the girls were about 6 months old I think.  We used to do playdates throughout the week but then their mom decided to go back into the working world.  I am thankful we still manage to keep in touch.  You may notice that these twins are going to be big sisters soon!!!  The connection these two share is amazing and I can only imagine how wonderful they will be to their new baby sister.  I had SO much fun with them and walked away from the session wishing I had twin girls, haha.  I cannot wait to meet the baby and do more photos of this family in a couple months!!

 photo IMG_7577_zpsc388d2d8.jpg  photo IMG_7589BW_zps94ad4162.jpg  photo IMG_7623_zps715fdb94.jpg  photo IMG_7652_zps8166d7ef.jpg  photo IMG_7671_zps066ab958.jpg  photo IMG_7719_zps2ba1e12b.jpg  photo IMG_7742BW_zps4b766543.jpg  photo IMG_7763_zps8d352120.jpg  photo IMG_7776_zps73f0c41e.jpg  photo IMG_7784_zpsd36943fa.jpg  photo IMG_7801_zps3ac0afea.jpg  photo IMG_7846_zps382ddc00.jpg  photo IMG_7864_zps8e057d60.jpg  photo IMG_7869_zps372efab5.jpg  photo IMG_7876_zps841114c5.jpg

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