Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Emma {2} and Family

I have known beautiful little Emma since she was about 4 weeks old.  Her birthday is very close to our middle son, Bode's, so we are usually going through the same developmental stages together with our kids.  This family is just the sweetest and it shows in these photos.  We met at the gardens at 9am, which is a little later in the morning than I try to meet, but the light was fabulous and we had a blast.  I am also pretty sure Emma thinks I am pretty awesome (and it may or may not be due to the fact that I gave her a yummy rainbow sucker) as she talked about me all day ;)

 photo IMG_7055_zpsca86cf18.jpg  photo IMG_7072_zps23a88b99.jpg  photo IMG_7088_zpsfef1a381.jpg  photo IMG_7104_zps5803fdc8.jpg  photo IMG_7112BW_zps4eb1aabc.jpg  photo IMG_7124_zpsd4f02729.jpg  photo IMG_7135_zpsadc67973.jpg  photo IMG_7148_zps63e17b49.jpg  photo IMG_7161_zps836aad2a.jpg  photo IMG_7171_zps8006ba77.jpg  photo IMG_7179BW_zpsd6f82578.jpg  photo IMG_7192_zps80dddd6a.jpg  photo IMG_7245_zps7edaf7ee.jpg  photo IMG_7263_zpsa5afa34c.jpg  photo IMG_7278_zpsb3a89bee.jpg  photo IMG_7295_zpsa94f687c.jpg  photo IMG_7340_zps5ac9fba8.jpg  photo IMG_7359_zpsb46d003e.jpg  photo IMG_7368_zps862c4d66.jpg  photo IMG_7412_zpscf313cb0.jpg  photo IMG_7416BW_zps1ec55695.jpg  photo IMG_7419_zps9af2adb1.jpg  photo IMG_7456_zps9e5a5ffd.jpg  photo IMG_7480_zpsb5a82cd1.jpg  photo IMG_7499BW_zpsa47dae9c.jpg  photo IMG_7506_zpscfc1dbef.jpg  photo IMG_7526_zps179bc8f5.jpg  photo IMG_7546_zps5ec7a09e.jpg

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