Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Mom and Dad's 40th Anniversary!

My parents came to stay with us for a couple of weeks in July, right after they celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary!  That is a LONG time and I am so proud of them for still loving each other and for still having fun together.  I don't think they have gotten good photos taken of them probably since their wedding day, so I wanted to do this for them as a gift.  We had a lot of fun, braving the 90 degree evening, capturing who they are as a couple.  Love you guys so much and I expect you to make it to your 75th wedding anniversary (at the very least).  :)

 photo IMG_3881_zpsbba7bebf.jpg  photo IMG_3894_zps949e2d3d.jpg  photo IMG_3921_zpsdf6f15c0.jpg  photo IMG_3932_zpsa23b3fd2.jpg  photo IMG_3941BW_zps5020e881.jpg  photo IMG_3955_zps8bd29c8c.jpg  photo IMG_3965_zpsb384ccf1.jpg  photo IMG_3971BW_zpse7cb05bc.jpg  photo IMG_3981_zps16697226.jpg  photo IMG_4007BW_zpsac65712e.jpg  photo IMG_4011_zpse94fcc45.jpg  photo IMG_4034crop_zps73bf2a4c.jpg  photo IMG_4057_zps188aa092.jpg  photo IMG_4067_zpscdaf1d83.jpg  photo IMG_4070_zpsa3db0c44.jpg  photo IMG_4075_zps9cd05e4b.jpg  photo IMG_9504_zps53eea1a4.jpg  photo IMG_9517BW_zpsc789bd46.jpg

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