Tuesday, August 13, 2013

McKenna {2} and Family

So 2-year-olds are usually one of the toughest ages to photograph as they often don't like to do anything that is suggested of them, they are fast, and they love to explore (which I encourage) - but this little girl was amazing.  She is just the sweetest little thing and doesn't she look like a porcelain doll?!  Everything we asked her to do, she did it, and she just simply had fun.  I have also decided that this location is a new favorite of mine (but the only downfall is that we have to walk by a playground to get to it which some kids cannot handle, haha).  Stunning light and colors mixed with one of the most adorable families makes this shoot one of my favorites to date.  It was so very wonderful to see you guys again and Happy Birthday McKenna!!!

 photo IMG_5803_zps98a5c078.jpg  photo IMG_5826_zps571b47d2.jpg  photo IMG_5845_zps6b5ed27b.jpg  photo IMG_5856_zps2707a1ac.jpg  photo IMG_5875_zps9bbbbcf4.jpg  photo IMG_5906_zpsfbaf2def.jpg  photo IMG_5925_zps55d08e4e.jpg  photo IMG_5927_zps72aca7f6.jpg  photo IMG_5935_zps2d84c3c4.jpg  photo IMG_5954_zpsf6f57722.jpg  photo IMG_5961_zps2b299b3a.jpg  photo IMG_5995_zps3055d16d.jpg  photo IMG_6000_zps3bd5ad0a.jpg  photo IMG_6060_zps0538746a.jpg  photo IMG_6070_zps59d7249b.jpg  photo IMG_6120BW_zps9c4882b6.jpg  photo IMG_6149_zpsd886bcd4.jpg  photo IMG_6162_zps714e90af.jpg  photo IMG_6199_zps87033455.jpg  photo IMG_6208_zpsfc2203cc.jpg  photo IMG_6226_zps5ed53db6.jpg  photo IMG_6246_zpsb3d4a099.jpg  photo IMG_6260BW_zpsd73f0d02.jpg  photo IMG_6293_zps0ffcb6dd.jpg

 photo IMG_6295_zpsf24bb96a.jpg  photo IMG_6306_zpsb2e19ffc.jpg  photo IMG_6314BW_zps7f3ba268.jpg  photo IMG_6341_zpsa4b85a96.jpg  photo IMG_6350_zps3fa9a7a1.jpg  photo IMG_6379BW_zps43b41efb.jpg

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