Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ellis {1}, Campbell {4}, Kinsley {7}, Sawyer {9} and Family

Oh this family...just so beautiful, inside and out.  I had so much fun photographing them, even though it was chilly out.  They wanted photos in the snow and surprisingly that didn't happen until a couple of weeks into December and I loved the change!  We had to move very fast because the little ones were getting cold, but I just love how these turned out.  Such blessed parents to have these 4 little girls!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Brynley {1}, Declan {2}, Coulter {3} and Family

Oh it was so fun to see these guys!  I knew the mom through a mutual friend in college and last time we were together we each had zero kids - and now look at us!  So crazy how fast life zooms by.  These kids are adorable, aren't they?!  Such a cute family full of life and energy.  Brynley just turned one so we essentially got together for her birthday photos, but snuck in some family and sibling shots as well.  Lucky and busy parents!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Jacob {6}, Marian {2} and Family

Oh this family really could not have been more fun to photograph.  They are all completely adorable and Jacob and Marian were probably the best behaved children I have ever had at a shoot.  Seriously...they did pretty much everything I asked AND they interacted perfectly - showing so well how much they adore each other and their parents.  Because of this, I just had to edit more photos than I typically do...I just could not delete any more! This family lives down the block from us so it was really nice to get to know them a little better during this shoot.  You guys sure are blessed!

 photo IMG_1143FB_zpsjsdpowgb.jpg  photo IMG_1150_zps2krc4xqm.jpg  photo IMG_1168_zpswbdurphr.jpg  photo IMG_1200FB_zpssns3uuxv.jpg  photo IMG_1217FB_zpspmsra6kw.jpg  photo IMG_1234_zpszl2brffr.jpg  photo IMG_1247_zpsslsvqqes.jpg  photo IMG_1255FB_zpspgycjyje.jpg  photo IMG_1279FB_zpsoif1nype.jpg  photo IMG_1288_zpsxltr7tyx.jpg  photo IMG_1307_zpsb0rrmwxi.jpg  photo IMG_1339_zps2efxtcpt.jpg  photo IMG_1358FB_zpsrkqybx2g.jpg  photo IMG_1380_zpsgehyx1s8.jpg  photo IMG_1392_zpspj8wq8dj.jpg  photo IMG_1421_zps75jm5ywu.jpg  photo IMG_1427FB_zpsi9i3vjl9.jpg  photo IMG_1448_zpsybwhq7or.jpg  photo IMG_1467_zpsi31mlwon.jpg  photo IMG_1477_zpsfol3wer9.jpg  photo IMG_1483_zpswewll3fn.jpg  photo IMG_1495FB_zpsk8ucaqkf.jpg  photo IMG_1504_zpscfwp7pyt.jpg  photo IMG_1533_zps9mk6lnxi.jpg  photo IMG_1554FB_zps61ysd2xx.jpg  photo IMG_1586FB_zpsjxmjr9c5.jpg  photo IMG_1590FB_zpsjnfhk4rs.jpg  photo IMG_1626FB_zpsfivn06g1.jpg  photo IMG_1642FB_zpsy9z8gevl.jpg  photo IMG_1644_zpsbull2a9o.jpg  photo IMG_1649FB_zpsxxs0mtbk.jpg  photo IMG_1680FB_zpszuci8snr.jpg  photo IMG_1716FB_zpsjjcud7aw.jpg  photo IMG_1739FB_zpstedpuo36.jpg  photo IMG_1743FB_zpsibgcgj9y.jpg  photo IMG_1801_zpsuy0w0pdi.jpg  photo IMG_1811_zpsiihdkhkh.jpg  photo IMG_1816_zpsub6tjbcw.jpg  photo IMG_1822_zpsbhzh6sw3.jpg  photo IMG_1832_zps4ksmmb2v.jpg  photo IMG_1843_zpsfxnnbxpx.jpg  photo IMG_1890_zpsk2cwqfxw.jpg
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