Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Genevieve {10 1/2 Months} and Family

Okay, this is officially my favorite family indoor shoot I have done thus far.  Genevieve was amazing and adorable and full of personality - photographer heaven!  She is the daughter of a very long time friend of mine - we date back to elementary school, but became good friends in high school and have remained ever since. We don't live in the same city now, but try to see each other a few times a year to catch up!

I had some serious issues deleting down this session - so given that they are great friends of ours and sessions are winding down for me before baby comes, I just edited more photos than I normally do.  Thank you for having me capture your perfect little girl at this age - it really could not have been more fun!

 photo IMG_6862_zpsm4rtvp2w.jpg  photo IMG_6875_zpshnyutjjk.jpg  photo IMG_6880BW_zpspdj1q4ud.jpg  photo IMG_6884_zpsxhd02r3k.jpg  photo IMG_6896_zpso5lyrwsz.jpg  photo IMG_6900_zpsi640lf6t.jpg  photo IMG_6903_zpsxzxkyqf8.jpg  photo IMG_6908_zps8k4t47os.jpg  photo IMG_6911_zpspeptx3ks.jpg  photo IMG_6945BW_zpsejvhsdps.jpg  photo IMG_6950_zpsshsnydss.jpg  photo IMG_6987_zpsnjks2l6k.jpg  photo IMG_6992_zpst7c2bmna.jpg  photo IMG_7019_zpsejukiz7s.jpg  photo IMG_7021_zpsltppz0bh.jpg  photo IMG_7036_zpsvq4uds3q.jpg  photo IMG_7046_zps3gs3cycc.jpg  photo IMG_7049_zpszwnjkupa.jpg  photo IMG_7060_zpswnzz3uzv.jpg  photo IMG_7071BW_zpsl23w1kad.jpg  photo IMG_7077_zpsidyponxk.jpg  photo IMG_7120BW_zpsetwhfiph.jpg  photo IMG_7128BW_zpswiddhiab.jpg  photo IMG_7129_zpsycpf0iz6.jpg  photo IMG_7139_zpskcqhuxqs.jpg  photo IMG_7154BW_zps1rfrobzj.jpg  photo IMG_7185_zpsqzfetr1y.jpg  photo IMG_7191_zpsduaaabsk.jpg  photo IMG_7213_zpskivupfkm.jpg  photo IMG_7218_zpssb1rd2hx.jpg  photo IMG_7225_zpsitfgztt0.jpg  photo IMG_7239BW_zps8mpv6gyp.jpg  photo IMG_7253_zps7pdtj2yn.jpg  photo IMG_7261_zpsby1cfqtm.jpg  photo IMG_7309_zpshqmsh96d.jpg  photo IMG_7311_zpsfkdfmbnm.jpg  photo IMG_7315BW_zpsbihx9kbr.jpg  photo IMG_7348_zpsyllhnulj.jpg  photo IMG_7353BW_zpsm6meww0j.jpg  photo IMG_7359_zpse61xlps6.jpg

Friday, May 8, 2015

Baby {B} Gender Reveal!

Few things are more exciting than expecting your first baby.  I was thrilled to be part of and be able to capture the moment this adorable couple finds out if they are having a boy or a girl.  Watch the video to find out the results!

 photo IMG_5866_zpsu8mcvq8x.jpg  photo IMG_5894_zpsfbu0saxo.jpg  photo IMG_5899_zpsuf81vsus.jpg  photo IMG_5935_zpslyfxosfb.jpg  photo IMG_5963_zpsxtv7pbxl.jpg  photo IMG_5975_zpsggviqm0q.jpg  photo IMG_5986_zpsixfnuon5.jpg  photo IMG_5989_zps7uea2fdw.jpg

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Elsie {13 Days Old} and Family

This beautiful little baby and her parents were surprise visitors this past Sunday morning as Elsie's grandma, our neighbor, asked if I would consider doing a session for them that morning - why such short notice, you ask?  Well, the parents had scheduled with a different photographer in advance but the photographer rescheduled with them several times and they were worried Elsie is aging past that perfect age for newborn photography (which cuts off at 15 days).  I LOVE doing newborn sessions so I was more than happy to make it work so they could get the newborn photos they hoped to have.  Due to the short notice, I kept the setups simple, focusing on capturing the beauty of this little girl and her parents.  It was so great to meet you three and do this for you!

 photo IMG_6616_zpsaohtmu0h.jpg  photo IMG_6627_zpstqwlc1ic.jpg  photo IMG_6641_zpswxk8dcws.jpg  photo IMG_6645BW_zpszasux5wd.jpg  photo IMG_6645_zpst7w259pl.jpg  photo IMG_6646_zpsfen9lwke.jpg  photo IMG_6650_zpsoiwgbafo.jpg  photo IMG_6653_zpsudwkepru.jpg  photo IMG_6662_zpsdezzeqlw.jpg  photo IMG_6672_zpsdd4fqqrc.jpg  photo IMG_6677_zpscjnawxj6.jpg  photo IMG_6687_zpsq0nolbvq.jpg  photo IMG_6690_zpscgczbgsr.jpg  photo IMG_6697_zpsi0s18fm5.jpg  photo IMG_6704_zpsxzmmvaig.jpg  photo IMG_6708BW_zpsi76k0513.jpg  photo IMG_6710_zpscksi9hvy.jpg  photo IMG_6714_zpsnhcztzmg.jpg  photo IMG_6719BW_zpspuasaiw7.jpg  photo IMG_6727_zpsx9ovuisn.jpg  photo IMG_6737_zpsl3l8v7b4.jpg  photo IMG_6751_zpssdt8gnul.jpg  photo IMG_6757_zps5cp6dhk2.jpg  photo IMG_6765_zpsxscb2f4c.jpg  photo IMG_6768BW_zps8xqhmmnu.jpg  photo IMG_6779BW_zpsgflroiwh.jpg  photo IMG_6784BW_zpsvfptngsy.jpg  photo IMG_6799BW_zps8ccrbmoq.jpg  photo IMG_6813_zps7s9ubiyl.jpg  photo IMG_6823BW_zpsspcp4x6m.jpg  photo IMG_6827BW_zpsakxuaxtk.jpg
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