Friday, July 25, 2014

Hailey {4}, James {6} and Family

This is my brother's adorable family!  I have missed them all dearly while we have been living in Michigan.  Little Hailey was born just days before we had to drive away to Ann Arbor and it killed me leaving during such a special time in her life, missing the newborn snuggles and infant milestones.  I watched James grow almost weekly and was so sad to miss that with Hailey.  Doing the math, I knew we would be back when she was 4 - and that year has come and it's time for us to really get to know her and get to know big boy James better! James has always been very outgoing so  seeing him just a few times a year, I always felt like I know him, but Hailey is a bit more shy.  I love doing shoots for people I know because I feel that it's a time I really get to see a different side of the children - and I found out this night that Hailey is hilarious, spunky, and loves to dance like Jem and the Holograms.  Love all of you guys and soooo excited to be able to see you much more!

P.S. I got a little carried away and edited more pics than I usually do - guess that's a perk of being my brother ;)

 photo IMG_7526_zpsc61b26f7.jpg  photo IMG_7556_zps7da0606c.jpg  photo IMG_7558_zps2adc7641.jpg  photo IMG_7581_zpse429acdf.png  photo IMG_7599_zps035d5769.jpg  photo IMG_7611_zps073f3819.jpg  photo IMG_7622_zpsb9d8556d.jpg  photo IMG_7628_zps9c2ef9f1.jpg  photo IMG_7645_zpsd739e511.jpg  photo IMG_7656_zps2ef9ab1f.jpg  photo IMG_7670BW_zpsc8954a33.jpg  photo IMG_7695_zps1909a5eb.jpg  photo IMG_7698_zpsa9c899be.jpg  photo IMG_7705_zps5fc657d2.jpg  photo IMG_7717_zps3700b666.jpg  photo IMG_7752BW_zps97ed4fe0.jpg  photo IMG_7756BW_zps56c83d19.jpg  photo IMG_7774_zpse5202151.jpg  photo IMG_7788_zpsce0920c8.jpg 
Hailey started to imitate me with a fake camera -  I have never had a kid do that before and it was hilarious!
 photo IMG_7802_zps9a9b4331.jpg  photo IMG_7805_zps5e0e6170.jpg  photo IMG_7816_zpsf23ab082.jpg  photo IMG_7834_zpse170c063.jpg  photo IMG_7842_zpsec8cc1be.jpg  photo IMG_7844BW_zps23d2282a.jpg  photo IMG_7852_zpsfcc405b4.jpg  photo IMG_7885_zpsd1551597.jpg  photo IMG_7890_zpsd4901dc1.jpg  photo IMG_7905_zpsa68f5565.jpg  photo IMG_7929_zps213e7f00.jpg  photo IMG_8004_zpse791dfc0.jpg  photo IMG_8013BW_zpsf4e488f5.jpg  photo IMG_8032_zps38b2551f.jpg  photo IMG_8046_zpsbac397a0.jpg  photo IMG_8047_zps1c5702fa.jpg  photo IMG_8080_zps974b2cb2.jpg  photo IMG_8089_zps3890c0be.jpg  photo IMG_8107_zpsd16cca6a.jpg  photo IMG_8125_zps5d0f2290.jpg  photo IMG_8132_zps760bd212.jpg  photo IMG_8145_zps58a49e70.jpg  photo IMG_8182_zps3efafbfc.jpg  photo IMG_8217_zps17f78175.jpg  photo IMG_8222_zps19bf634f.jpg

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Baby {G} Reveal!

This couple is very very special to me. Brooke and I have been friends since about 7th grade (so when I do the math, that makes it just about 20 years - wow, that makes me feel old!!!).  We have been through middle school, high school, college and now adult life together.  Although we are unable to see each other much these days, when we do it's as if we have not been apart.

The announcement of their pregnancy was of the best news ever.  This was not easy for them at all.  They have gone through 3 years of infertility and finally had a successful IVF.  They drove 3 hours for this shoot on a very icky weather day - rainy, chilly, and super windy - but they were determined to find out as soon as possible and capture the moment of the reveal.

I was the first to know if it is a boy or a girl because I needed to pick the tube with the correct color of tissue paper!  It was a blast (and a big cleanup process, haha!). Congratulations again to you two - cannot wait for your baby's newborn shoot!!!!

 photo IMG_6982_zps7d0861bd.jpg  photo IMG_6988BW_zps29b502aa.jpg  photo IMG_6991_zpscba7bbcd.jpg
The confetti tube!

 photo IMG_7009_zpsf12e61f4.jpg  photo IMG_7031_zps209d75a4.jpg  photo IMG_7060_zps5b7fd5e4.jpg  photo IMG_7022_zps2af67ed8.jpg  photo IMG_7045_zps1d1fe4d3.jpg  photo IMG_7086_zpsc1efd6a8.jpg  photo IMG_7065_zps62816ab0.jpg  photo IMG_7017_zpseda29939.jpg  photo IMG_7079_zps50df762f.jpg  photo IMG_7087_zps41fc9413.jpg  photo IMG_7104_zpse4d724f7.jpg  photo IMG_7132_zps9cc3fbb7.jpg
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