Monday, July 14, 2014

Adriana {4}, Eben {4} and Bode {3} & Adriana's Family

We were blessed with the best next door neighbors while in Ann Arbor and we are so bummed to have moved away from them.  We are also disappointed that it took us so long to start hanging out, only having a little over a year with them, but getting much closer during the last few months.  Our little Eben and Bode just LOVE Adriana - like would ask all day long what she is doing, if she is home, when the next time we could play with her would be - and they would look at the window about every 20 minutes to give me a report about whether her parents' cars were there or not.  And when they played they just had so much fun together.  Adriana would dress up in super hero costumes and the boys would sit with her and make bracelets for their mommies.

This family was a big part of our Ann Arbor experience so I just had to take them out for a quick shoot before we left - and it happened to be the night right before our moving truck came.  I just wanted to capture their friendship and their cuteness together.  I also wanted to do some simple shots of Adriana with her parents.  Guys, we miss you so much and hope to be able to arrange a meet up soon!

P.S. Cael was also at the shoot, but not so much into the sitting still part, so I included him in a few shots too.

 photo IMG_6473_zpsdfe96de4.jpg  photo IMG_6485_zpsc743eac2.jpg  photo IMG_6505_zps16d49fdc.jpg  photo IMG_6512_zps60447520.jpg  photo IMG_6517_zps82574c01.jpg  photo IMG_6537_zps8289d408.jpg  photo IMG_6546_zps03d59149.jpg  photo IMG_6557_zps73cc7d00.jpg  photo IMG_6594_zps8ec7cb9a.jpg  photo IMG_6609_zpsa43029e0.jpg  photo IMG_6459_zps8de6a711.jpg  photo IMG_6462_zps893993cc.jpg  photo IMG_6633_zpsc49b4e9e.jpg  photo IMG_6640_zps68f7d5e0.jpg  photo IMG_6654BW_zpsd3ef8200.jpg  photo IMG_6663_zpsbb771a0e.jpg  photo IMG_6671_zps6552ffe7.jpg  photo IMG_6678BW_zpsf456716e.jpg  photo IMG_6682_zps2fa2b06f.jpg  photo IMG_6703_zps45a8e045.jpg  photo IMG_6715_zps16f2f1c4.jpg  photo IMG_6726_zps36cbcd9a.jpg  photo IMG_6728BW_zpsd20b39e6.jpg  photo IMG_6744BW_zps37333bcb.jpg  photo IMG_6748_zpsee6784fe.jpg  photo IMG_6754BW_zpsc88f5d34.jpg  photo IMG_6761_zpsc4d65fef.jpg  photo IMG_6778_zps74d84cc0.jpg  photo IMG_6791_zps4058a5da.jpg  photo IMG_6797_zps4de15943.jpg  photo IMG_6802BW_zpsa4e9dfe2.jpg  photo IMG_6806_zps1f460e82.jpg  photo IMG_6824_zps58791fc1.jpg  photo IMG_6829_zps570cce0b.jpg  photo IMG_6851_zps90ba0cdf.jpg  photo IMG_6857_zpsdeebca09.jpg

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