Monday, July 7, 2014

Emilia {2}, Karl {7}, Kristin {10} and Family

Awe...this family...I have been photographing them since the very beginning of my career and they truly are such an awesome family.  I had such a great time getting to know them over the past years, not only as clients, but also as friends while we lived in Ann Arbor. Miss you guys already!!

 photo IMG_5881_zpsc8b0d2b9.jpg  photo IMG_5885_zpsbd0f1c71.jpg  photo IMG_5905BW_zps9c96565f.jpg  photo IMG_5924_zps713bc230.jpg  photo IMG_5974_zps045fd760.jpg  photo IMG_5978_zps887a10bd.jpg  photo IMG_5983_zpsff96cfd3.jpg  photo IMG_5991_zpsf5a112b8.jpg  photo IMG_5994_zps0d250e06.jpg  photo IMG_6009_zps8cbb964b.jpg  photo IMG_6028_zpsd3cebb17.jpg  photo IMG_6041_zpsfdad7992.jpg  photo IMG_6070_zps5ca8fa65.jpg  photo IMG_6085_zpsaaed4f99.jpg

 photo IMG_6139_zpsbc3918c7.jpg  photo IMG_6162_zps89431db2.jpg  photo IMG_6175_zpse44e7e36.jpg  photo IMG_6193_zpsd5f6c7bd.jpg  photo IMG_6195_zps349ca69e.jpg  photo IMG_6206_zpsa084069b.jpg  photo IMG_6214BW_zps717a5b40.jpg  photo IMG_6229_zpsdfaec84d.jpg  photo IMG_6240_zps94aaa739.jpg

 photo IMG_6279_zps0f06b3df.jpg  photo IMG_6284_zps73135c00.jpg  photo IMG_6294BW_zps49493e36.jpg  photo IMG_6347_zps96369ebc.jpg  photo IMG_6366_zpsea41a59b.jpg  photo IMG_6374BW_zpse732e5a7.jpg  photo IMG_6395_zps0674ec93.jpg  photo IMG_6416_zpsc73bc9cb.jpg  photo IMG_6421BW_zps637dfc56.jpg  photo IMG_6433_zps6359cda0.jpg  photo IMG_6451BW_zpsd70d0059.jpg

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