Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Makenzie {Almost 3} & Gabriel {1}

Oh these two kids...they were such a delight and MUCH easier than I thought they would be considering their ages!  Kenzie and Gabe were just the cutest, sweetest little kids, both with adorable personalities.  They traveled from Grand Forks and we ended up with a very beautiful night after a rainy stretch.  It was so great to meet you guys and thanks for making the trip!!!

 photo IMG_9833_zps39e704c0.jpg  photo IMG_9844_zps4479fb72.jpg  photo IMG_9867BW_zpsa8dd5ca1.jpg  photo IMG_9875_zps90bc7b24.jpg  photo IMG_9878_zpsf8cb9afd.jpg  photo IMG_9886BW_zps009ed98b.jpg  photo IMG_9911_zps7d09b280.jpg  photo IMG_9916_zps6f1473c0.jpg  photo IMG_9925_zpsc7325e50.jpg  photo IMG_9936_zpscf9347e4.jpg  photo IMG_9947_zpse0e501a1.jpg  photo IMG_9968_zpsb0fdca9c.jpg  photo IMG_9998_zps3c095eaf.jpg  photo IMG_0003_zpsa57ce0eb.jpg

 photo IMG_0026_zps2cd0c84f.jpg  photo IMG_0037_zpscb6567fd.jpg  photo IMG_0048_zps00e6ae07.jpg  photo IMG_0051BW_zps7d74279b.jpg  photo IMG_0083_zps3e714f6f.jpg  photo IMG_0095_zps0bd4d986.jpg  photo IMG_0109_zps56099fb6.jpg  photo IMG_0127_zps16a079b5.jpg  photo IMG_0149_zpsbf59abff.jpg  photo IMG_0164_zps3d93bbce.jpg  photo IMG_0178_zpsabd85d58.jpg  photo IMG_0199_zps39caf093.jpg  photo IMG_0230_zpsc2f69f7f.jpg  photo IMG_0249_zps10da2ad1.jpg  photo IMG_0252_zpsb0500102.jpg  photo IMG_0267_zpsa4b68a3b.jpg  photo IMG_0273_zps384e290d.jpg

Friday, August 22, 2014

{T} Family

This is the family of one of my mom's best friends (the grandma of the bunch)!  I normally don't do extended families, but because there were lots of small kids and we are great friends with them I was very happy to do it for them.  We drove out to their lake cabin in Minnesota, a cabin where they have a lot of great memories and many more to make.  I anticipated it would be tough with 4 active boys and a 2-year-old girl, which is always a challenging age, but honestly they did great.  Sure, there were plenty of crazy moments but I got the shots I hoped to get.  We started by the lake and then moved up a hill to an old shed and refurbished caboose.  Such a beautiful extended family and it was so awesome to see you guys again!

 photo IMG_9236_zps649def55.jpg  photo IMG_9272_zps0509636b.jpg  photo IMG_9284_zps302e0eb9.jpg  photo IMG_9323_zps7f9dd52c.jpg  photo IMG_9327_zps6c32a8ca.jpg  photo IMG_9378_zpsc2bf306c.jpg  photo IMG_9393_zpse182805c.jpg  photo IMG_9419_zps645484d0.jpg  photo IMG_9449_zpsc4cf88b7.jpg  photo IMG_9471_zps1fe1432e.jpg  photo IMG_9479_zpsfc2f5a6b.jpg  photo IMG_9502_zpsb0ec41a8.jpg  photo IMG_9522_zpsc9d97a0a.jpg  photo IMG_9547_zps3b8bd0e5.jpg  photo IMG_9558_zps18eda4f5.jpg  photo IMG_9570_zpse3c7e0a0.jpg  photo IMG_9584BW_zps3da9bf3b.jpg  photo IMG_9586_zps8d7bb5ce.jpg  photo IMG_9608_zps6c8b1f55.jpg  photo IMG_9617_zps9637d118.jpg  photo IMG_9626_zpsf812139b.jpg  photo IMG_9650_zps09790231.jpg  photo IMG_9655BW_zps0491faf8.jpg  photo IMG_9674_zpsf05e4454.jpg  photo IMG_9706_zps43452a04.jpg  photo IMG_9716BW_zps3971111f.jpg  photo IMG_9726_zps4df7ff57.jpg  photo IMG_9736_zpsf7946a75.jpg  photo IMG_9750_zpsabf445fe.jpg  photo IMG_9767_zps0281dd62.jpg  photo IMG_9768_zpsb399c505.jpg  photo IMG_9789_zpsae1047d8.jpg
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