Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Faithe {20 Months} and Family

This little girl...she is just so adorable and sweet.  She is truly a miracle born at just 24 weeks and weighing just under 2 pounds.  I did a newborn shoot for her when she was 4 months old soon after she left the hospital (click here to view).  She has beat all odds throughout the past 20 months and has been growing and developing normally.  She is full of personality and I had such a great time getting to know her better during this shoot.  So excited to be able to continue to watch you grow, Faithe, as we live so close now!

P.S. I love when families bring items of their own with them for "props" - the quilt they brought is made out of Faithe's great grandmother's shirts and the teddy bear is made out of Faithe's late maternal grandfather's shirt, a man she was never able to meet.  We had used the teddy bear at her newborn shoot too as it's very meaningful to this family.

 photo IMG_8326_zps2e830925.jpg 
Faithe is a bit of a Daddy's girl.
 photo IMG_8332_zps6c0f7122.jpg  photo IMG_8338_zpsdb2be677.jpg  photo IMG_8362_zpsaac6684e.jpg  photo IMG_8389BW_zpsfd7ef717.jpg  photo IMG_8404_zps22a1fca2.jpg  photo IMG_8414_zps6b741287.jpg  photo IMG_8429_zps61198e76.jpg  photo IMG_8446_zps19498abf.jpg  photo IMG_8449_zpsdc818525.jpg  photo IMG_8459_zps93f2fcc0.jpg  photo IMG_8464_zpsbf4a4ada.jpg  photo IMG_8493_zps093a37d1.jpg  photo IMG_8513_zps33767516.jpg  photo IMG_8521_zps317e9175.jpg  photo IMG_8526_zps01904f9e.jpg  photo IMG_8555_zpsc9d268f7.jpg  photo IMG_8561_zps0cf580e2.jpg  photo IMG_8571_zps32a23186.jpg  photo IMG_8580_zps60e8fb36.jpg  photo IMG_8589_zpsf15b3a28.jpg  photo IMG_8601_zpsf30858dd.jpg  photo IMG_8644_zpsf2575e7e.jpg  photo IMG_8667_zpsaee776b6.jpg  photo IMG_8684_zpsf3f13dc8.jpg  photo IMG_8687BW_zps75eb3e9d.jpg  photo IMG_8698_zpsb6e8abe3.jpg  photo IMG_8714_zpsa926f22d.jpg  photo IMG_8716_zpsd6ba006f.jpg  photo IMG_8733_zps955037fd.jpg 
Auntie Ashley came along (also my cousin)!
 photo IMG_8747_zps150b036f.jpg  photo IMG_8762_zps9322d965.jpg  photo IMG_8779_zpsc06219d4.jpg  photo IMG_8804_zps757801b3.jpg  photo IMG_8822_zpsc5c520fe.jpg  photo IMG_8833_zps2748451a.jpg

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