Friday, April 12, 2013

Faithe {newborn}

This little girl is truly a miracle - born at 24 weeks, 4 days and just under 2 pounds.  She was born December 1st, 2012 and was discharged from the NICU just under a week before Easter.  She has done so well since birth - although there were definitely some very scary times in the beginning and some bumps along the way, but so far things are looking quite good for her.  Her mommy and daddy have enjoyed having her home for the past couple weeks.  She still is on a small amount of oxygen so during the shoot we would take it off and then put it back on after the shots.  They hope that soon she will be off of the oxygen and they can hold her without any tubes connected to her.  She has more than quadrupled her weight and was 9 pounds the day I did her shoot!

This newborn shoot was unique because she is actually 4 months old so I approached it as a "lifestyle session," using their home, her nursery and doing less of the typical "posed" newborn shots (as she is not as sleepy or flexible as a typical newborn is).  Faithe did a fabulous job and it was so great to spend some time with her and her family.  I cannot wait to see how much she has grown next time we make it to North Dakota again!

 photo IMG_1300_zps4c388274.jpg  photo IMG_1288_zpsbb55184a.jpg

 photo IMG_1361_zpsff436f6f.jpg  photo IMG_1336_zpsfb5f8d62.jpg  photo IMG_1316_zps6c19ae43.jpg  photo IMG_1311_zpse3d67946.jpg  photo IMG_1306_zpseb943ebe.jpg

 photo IMG_1464_zps061af159.jpg  photo IMG_1450BW_zps72c9544b.jpg  photo IMG_1447_zpsd4092638.jpg  photo IMG_1419BW_zps72542e86.jpg  photo IMG_1415_zps5f8afc2e.jpg  photo IMG_1408_zps0ba4192e.jpg  photo IMG_1375BW_zpse277e3a8.jpg  photo IMG_1354_zpsb25504bc.jpg

 photo IMG_1516BW_zps80462223.jpg  photo IMG_1514_zpsd391bd55.jpg  photo IMG_1503_zpsa4c2ff23.jpg  photo IMG_1497BW_zpsdfaba5a8.jpg  photo IMG_1482_zpsfe763213.jpg

 photo IMG_9884-1_zps0c7d3581.jpg  photo IMG_9860_zps21d1f828.jpg  photo IMG_9857_zps695acf1e.jpg  photo IMG_9846_zps633b95b5.jpg  photo IMG_1549_zps2a959ac1.jpg

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