Thursday, April 4, 2013

Paige {9 Months}

I really cannot believe how fast cute little Paige is growing - she is already 9 months and I feel like she should be 3 months old.  She was so smiley for her indoor session and was just so fun.  We are looking forward to her one year session as we will be able to get outside for it and enjoy the sunshine!

 photo IMG_0902_zps7429db75.jpg  photo IMG_0870-2_zps2620bf0f.jpg  photo IMG_0860_zps307cffce.jpg

 photo IMG_0980_zps0dc7c6ef.jpg  photo IMG_0974_zps43494ee3.jpg  photo IMG_0956_zpsd0c04912.jpg  photo IMG_0938_zpsb07337cd.jpg  photo IMG_0923_zps151a4923.jpg

 photo IMG_1128_zpsedaf6d85.jpg  photo IMG_1124_zps73a40818.jpg  photo IMG_1115BW_zpsa46dce7a.jpg  photo IMG_1088BW_zpscb92c85b.jpg  photo IMG_1076_zpsff60c04f.jpg  photo IMG_1043_zps4cf87f44.jpg  photo IMG_1034_zpsd5346505.jpg  photo IMG_0991-1_zps1e777082.jpg

 photo IMG_1219_zpsa299cf2e.jpg  photo IMG_1183_zps1f346255.jpg  photo IMG_1151_zps3efcba83.jpg  photo IMG_1144_zps3cecb6e4.jpg

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