Thursday, April 25, 2013

Walter {13 Days Old}

Meet adorable little Walter, little brother of 2-year-old Richard!  I met Richard for the first time when he turned one for his photo shoot and he was just such a cutie.  Now he has a little brother who is definitely going to be just as cute.  We met at Walter's home for a "lifestyle" session.  I tried my best to get some sibling shots, but you can only expect so much from a 2-year-old :)  It was so great to see you guys again - congratulations on your perfect little boy!

 photo IMG_1514_zps22bebe49.jpg  photo IMG_1516_zps0c45e2f5.jpg  photo IMG_1522BW_zps38d081ca.jpg  photo IMG_1567BW_zpsf1701059.jpg  photo IMG_1576_zpsbdd0be35.jpg  photo IMG_1592_zps48641579.jpg  photo IMG_1619_zpse18fc939.jpg  photo IMG_1639-1_zpsb5e74a87.jpg  photo IMG_1657-1_zpsfbadd2a3.jpg  photo IMG_1674_zps6c430233.jpg  photo IMG_1691_zpse2e779ac.jpg  photo IMG_1697BW_zps33da6a76.jpg  photo IMG_1710_zpsd876fd38.jpg  photo IMG_1717_zps926de368.jpg  photo IMG_1719_zps5f94cc2d.jpg  photo IMG_1762_zps48f02924.jpg  photo IMG_1782_zpsba41b835.jpg  photo IMG_1788_zps0bea725a.jpg  photo IMG_1803_zps4b933954.jpg  photo IMG_1817_zps83b08e41.jpg  photo IMG_1866_zpsbfe38b39.jpg  photo IMG_1873_zpsf9bc8cce.jpg  photo IMG_1885_zps2701cd9f.jpg

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