Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Charlotte {7 Days Old}

I have been loving all of these newborn sessions lately!  This sweet little girl, Charlotte, did such a great job.  She was almost 9 pounds at birth and has the most gorgeous head of hair.  I am so excited to be able to watch her grow and change throughout her first year!  It was so wonderful meeting your adorable little family :)

 photo IMG_2425_zps1687dbf6.jpg  photo IMG_2437BW_zpsd55cd3b5.jpg  photo IMG_2452_zpsd4b3207c.jpg  photo IMG_2447_zpsb5f65079.jpg  photo IMG_2476_zps32ace4cc.jpg  photo IMG_2489_zpsfa4af8a8.jpg  photo IMG_2495_zpsd38a7233.jpg  photo IMG_2510-1_zps026ffe50.jpg  photo IMG_2528_zps6c9816f4.jpg  photo IMG_2538_zps81dfe30c.jpg  photo IMG_2550_zpsfa503ef5.jpg  photo IMG_2562_zpsc7a4cbef.jpg  photo IMG_2569_zpsf9de23f7.jpg  photo IMG_2580BW_zps768e3c7f.jpg  photo IMG_2585_zps4c72bc99.jpg  photo IMG_2605BW_zpsd93d2422.jpg  photo IMG_2623_zps876ef042.jpg  photo IMG_2639BW_zps85e6c155.jpg  photo IMG_2651BW_zpsdaf3bc48.jpg  photo IMG_2659BW_zps0aaa8572.jpg  photo IMG_2671BW_zpsd1b2e876.jpg  photo IMG_2698_zps5264c7c8.jpg  photo IMG_2702BW_zps56c409af.jpg  photo IMG_2707_zps2e218b9a.jpg  photo IMG_2735BW_zpsae9e1957.jpg  photo IMG_2746_zpsf323ca09.jpg

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