Friday, May 31, 2013

Colin {2}

We have had many playdates with this adorable little guy and his mom is usually running after him because he has so much energy and loves to explore!  I was a little worried it would be very difficult to get any pictures of him looking at the camera, but he did awesome and we were prepared :)  This family moves in a couple weeks and we will miss them!  Happy 2nd Birthday, Colin!

 photo IMG_6564_zps740f72f4.jpg  photo IMG_6574BW_zps6084ae23.jpg  photo IMG_6581_zpsa7a0a67c.jpg  photo IMG_6588_zps5b318714.jpg  photo IMG_6613_zps233bba89.jpg  photo IMG_6620_zpsbdd5dcfd.jpg  photo IMG_6638_zpsbd41496b.jpg  photo IMG_6654_zpsf54d374a.jpg  photo IMG_6668_zpsa3175dcc.jpg  photo IMG_6681_zpsb56b627e.jpg  photo IMG_6698_zps30f0ce0d.jpg  photo IMG_6706_zps6e12f769.jpg  photo IMG_6717_zps9c67271f.jpg  photo IMG_6723BW_zps87464207.jpg  photo IMG_6731_zpse8ca3b9c.jpg  photo IMG_6739_zps8db0796f.jpg  photo IMG_6772_zpsba58d45d.jpg  photo IMG_6783_zpsb35658a1.jpg  photo IMG_6789_zps1f0db857.jpg  photo IMG_6807_zps018df546.jpg

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kendall {1} and Family (and cake smash!)

I have had so much fun watching this adorable little girl grow up this past year!  She is just the cutest little thing and full of personality.  We started out with a cake smash and she sure knew what to do, diving in and eating only the frosting the whole time.  She got pretty messy and had a lot of fun with it. We went to the gardens and it wasn't the nicest day as it was pretty chilly so she wasn't much of a fan for very long. She really wanted to be held by mommy most of the time, but we still got some great pictures.  Kendall, I will miss seeing you every three months and hope I get to photograph you again before we leave Ann Arbor in a year!  Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

 photo IMG_6214_zps7c783bd1.jpg  photo IMG_6216_zps15f01cbb.jpg  photo IMG_6231_zps86689842.jpg  photo IMG_6248_zpse6928fde.jpg  photo IMG_6285_zpsbb49d790.jpg  photo IMG_6288BW_zpsabbfc1e0.jpg  photo IMG_6319_zps1982391c.jpg  photo IMG_6326_zps3c894e02.jpg  photo IMG_6347_zpsc4438ac7.jpg  photo IMG_6358_zps75e79188.jpg  photo IMG_6366_zps3127b3eb.jpg  photo IMG_6384_zpsb02f3fe6.jpg  photo IMG_6387_zps2cdb5afa.jpg  photo IMG_6397_zps6f0a25f5.jpg  photo IMG_6405BW_zps418235e4.jpg  photo IMG_6417_zpsf1115c16.jpg  photo IMG_6430_zps8e8c5d05.jpg  photo IMG_6445_zps90d8da39.jpg  photo IMG_6477_zps657b457c.jpg  photo IMG_6503_zpse7c88eb6.jpg  photo IMG_6506_zps21cb5e4e.jpg  photo IMG_6516_zps14b62a78.jpg  photo IMG_6528_zps498e6726.jpg  photo IMG_6541_zps9a6b7579.jpg

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Elizabeth {1} and Family

This adorable, sweet little girl is celebrating her first birthday!!  I photographed her as a newborn a year ago and I cannot believe she is already one.  She did a cake smash and was hilariously not too interested in the cake.  She got a little messy, tried a little frosting, but ultimately preferred eating cake off of her toes!  We went to the Botanical Gardens for some outdoor shots, but started getting eaten by mosquitos, so had to cut it a little short.  We managed to get some great shots though.  It has been great seeing little Elizabeth grow!

 photo IMG_5672_zps9bbdb202.jpg  photo IMG_5691_zps43e216bc.jpg  photo IMG_5702_zps9d92963b.jpg  photo IMG_5708_zps233df144.jpg  photo IMG_5724_zpsb0f68a42.jpg  photo IMG_5774_zps13a212c8.jpg  photo IMG_5776_zps86f1d810.jpg  photo IMG_5782BW_zps40a42929.jpg  photo IMG_5786_zps7de41c9c.jpg  photo IMG_5788_zps70d0472d.jpg 
She gave this hilarious face - as if she is looking at her parents and thinking, "WHAT are you making me do?!" Haha
 photo IMG_5800_zps14a6566c.jpg  photo IMG_5801BW_zpsadf80e06.jpg  photo IMG_5828_zpsc7f613dd.jpg  photo IMG_5835_zps8d42a016.jpg  photo IMG_5867_zps4b042849.jpg  photo IMG_5887_zpsf4f7e019.jpg  photo IMG_5898_zpsac41cc93.jpg  photo IMG_5906_zps2709183c.jpg  photo IMG_5914_zpsd64f4a55.jpg  photo IMG_5919_zps56f3a8cf.jpg  photo IMG_5929_zps139fd1cb.jpg  photo IMG_5944_zps2cf8ebac.jpg  photo IMG_5946BW_zps3aa3af23.jpg  photo IMG_5958_zps82645c4a.jpg
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