Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Elsie {1}, Sawyer {almost 3}, Braden {4} and Family

What do I even say about this family...we met two years ago when they moved to Ann Arbor and our boys and I have hung out about three times per week with this mama and her kids while our husbands work way too many hours during their residency/fellowship.  Our boys have become the best of friends and we have had so much fun with them.  Our three children are the same ages apart as their three children are, but only each of theirs are about 9 months older - so it's kind of nice to see the challenges I will be dealing with before they happen with our kids, ha.  We talk about the joys of parenting, but also help each other out with the troubles of parenting, sometimes just being there for the other to vent to.  Sad news is though that this family moves back home in June and we are just so bummed about it.  Luckily they are only going to be about 4 hours away, so a weekend trip to visit will be doable.  Love you guys so much and you better hang out with us a TON for the next month before you move!!

The shoot was a lot of fun, filled with two silly boys, and an adorable little girl who recently turned one and just started walking!  Although I captured plenty of sweet, posed shots, I also captured reality of what life is like with 3 children so close in age - a little crazy and unpredictable - something we both struggle with at times, but also something we wouldn't change for anything.

 photo IMG_3220_zps99dcf852.jpg  photo IMG_3250_zps94f9e9c7.jpg  photo IMG_3280_zpsc135c1b5.jpg  photo IMG_3300_zpse6edb68e.jpg  photo IMG_3315_zpsc4778396.jpg  photo IMG_3340_zps82ac67c9.jpg  photo IMG_3357-1_zps52881f8e.jpg  photo IMG_3365_zpsc17205ff.jpg  photo IMG_3377_zps88043f50.jpg  photo IMG_3402_zps7474470c.jpg  photo IMG_3422_zps4e3b8182.jpg  photo IMG_3435_zps1b69eca7.jpg  photo IMG_3446_zps0f2cd125.jpg  photo IMG_3461_zpsad294d18.jpg  photo IMG_3488_zpsf386dee9.jpg  photo IMG_3509_zps58740f9d.jpg  photo IMG_3517_zpsb542a089.jpg  photo IMG_3533_zps18676531.jpg  photo IMG_3571_zpsabe4c4ba.jpg  photo IMG_3580_zps34736621.jpg  photo IMG_3587_zps1e85e11c.jpg  photo IMG_3593_zps90a98736.jpg  photo IMG_3604_zps049931b7.jpg  photo IMG_3637_zps7d0af7e8.jpg
 photo IMG_2207_zps2551da11.jpg  photo IMG_2247BW_zpsbaf51a74.jpg  photo IMG_2260_zps3018808b.jpg  photo IMG_2291_zps6775292e.jpg  photo IMG_2410_zpsaa123b22.jpg  photo IMG_2413_zps03325899.jpg

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