Saturday, May 11, 2013

Jocelyn {2} and Mady {4}

Jocelyn is already 2 years old - oh how fast time is going.  She has really been into playing with her tea set lately so her mommy thought incorporating that into her shoot would be fitting - and it would keep her interested as we all know that 2-year-olds are not the easiest age to shoot.  Jocelyn was a lot of fun and she couldn't have looked cuter.  Her mom and grandma made the tea party dress and accessories, which is just amazing.  We met at Wasem Fruit Farm and it was gorgeous.  The apple blossoms put me in a sort of whimsical mood while editing and I really like how they turned out!  Jocelyn's big sister was there too, so of course we got some photos of her too!  I just love when I get to see this family!

 photo IMG_3660_zpsb4329032.jpg  photo IMG_3676_zps1c3c7a14.jpg  photo IMG_3708_zpse558171f.jpg  photo IMG_3716_zps51d2ddb8.jpg  photo IMG_3724_zps12067120.jpg  photo IMG_3732_zps002d0332.jpg  photo IMG_3742_zpsd7ebf5d2.jpg  photo IMG_3785_zpsfd2e7b04.jpg  photo IMG_3802_zps454c81ec.jpg  photo IMG_3833_zpsd0daa550.jpg  photo IMG_3864_zpsa0b5d50c.jpg  photo IMG_3881_zps02855869.jpg  photo IMG_3917_zpsdbbb0ee0.jpg  photo IMG_3919_zpsed8b2c6f.jpg  photo IMG_3956_zps4ee6ab16.jpg  photo IMG_3985BW_zps836af0af.jpg  photo IMG_3991_zpsbed593bf.jpg  photo IMG_3995_zpsb22de976.jpg  photo IMG_4016_zpsfb582258.jpg  photo IMG_4058BW_zps2709d077.jpg  photo IMG_4075_zps1eb6f561.jpg

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