Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kendall {1} and Family (and cake smash!)

I have had so much fun watching this adorable little girl grow up this past year!  She is just the cutest little thing and full of personality.  We started out with a cake smash and she sure knew what to do, diving in and eating only the frosting the whole time.  She got pretty messy and had a lot of fun with it. We went to the gardens and it wasn't the nicest day as it was pretty chilly so she wasn't much of a fan for very long. She really wanted to be held by mommy most of the time, but we still got some great pictures.  Kendall, I will miss seeing you every three months and hope I get to photograph you again before we leave Ann Arbor in a year!  Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

 photo IMG_6214_zps7c783bd1.jpg  photo IMG_6216_zps15f01cbb.jpg  photo IMG_6231_zps86689842.jpg  photo IMG_6248_zpse6928fde.jpg  photo IMG_6285_zpsbb49d790.jpg  photo IMG_6288BW_zpsabbfc1e0.jpg  photo IMG_6319_zps1982391c.jpg  photo IMG_6326_zps3c894e02.jpg  photo IMG_6347_zpsc4438ac7.jpg  photo IMG_6358_zps75e79188.jpg  photo IMG_6366_zps3127b3eb.jpg  photo IMG_6384_zpsb02f3fe6.jpg  photo IMG_6387_zps2cdb5afa.jpg  photo IMG_6397_zps6f0a25f5.jpg  photo IMG_6405BW_zps418235e4.jpg  photo IMG_6417_zpsf1115c16.jpg  photo IMG_6430_zps8e8c5d05.jpg  photo IMG_6445_zps90d8da39.jpg  photo IMG_6477_zps657b457c.jpg  photo IMG_6503_zpse7c88eb6.jpg  photo IMG_6506_zps21cb5e4e.jpg  photo IMG_6516_zps14b62a78.jpg  photo IMG_6528_zps498e6726.jpg  photo IMG_6541_zps9a6b7579.jpg

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