Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Amelia {2}, Aspen {8} and Family

I met with this family on a chilly, windy spring evening at the Arboretum.  Despite the somewhat uncomfortable weather, they did awesome.  Amelia is at one of the most difficult ages to photograph, but she was so silly and cooperative the whole time.  Amelia and Aspen get along so well and it's obvious how much they adore each other.  We had to cut the shoot a little short because the dad had to go to work, but we still got plenty of great shots!  It was so great hanging out with you guys again!!!

 photo IMG_4116_zps33165714.jpg  photo IMG_4144_zpse355c060.jpg  photo IMG_4168_zpsb086c560.jpg  photo IMG_4178_zps5619c943.jpg  photo IMG_4195_zps6bc21f27.jpg  photo IMG_4213_zps383c5dc5.jpg  photo IMG_4240_zpsebcbd62b.jpg  photo IMG_4242_zps55e9c803.jpg  photo IMG_4266BW_zps6e0c2edc.jpg  photo IMG_4277_zpsa53856dc.jpg  photo IMG_4311_zpsc28f4d12.jpg  photo IMG_4333_zpsd786e015.jpg  photo IMG_4344_zpse992af18.jpg  photo IMG_4362_zps0428a297.jpg  photo IMG_4366_zpsa15046f9.jpg  photo IMG_4383_zpsafd98072.jpg  photo IMG_4404_zps70a1b7f3.jpg  photo IMG_4430_zps730242ba.jpg  photo IMG_4438_zps299fceb8.jpg  photo IMG_4449_zps0b34cd95.jpg  photo IMG_4476_zps9c103c49.jpg

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