Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ryan {4}, Nathan {7} and Family

I met this sweet family at Rolling Hills Park, which I had never been!  Both boys have birthdays coming up so they are really almost 5 and 8.  We had a great time exploring and capturing these brothers' personalities and relationship at this age.  Their mother described Ryan as their athletic, risk-taking comedian and Nathan as their super smart, violin-playing 2nd grader - and that certainly describes them both very well.  Nathan brought his violin along and we got some shots of him playing it - something I hadn't done before so that was fun :)  It was so wonderful meeting you guys!

 photo IMG_5075_zpsbda6485d.jpg  photo IMG_5081_zps459614f8.jpg  photo IMG_5096_zpsd0889cb9.jpg  photo IMG_5119_zps6ab23784.jpg  photo IMG_5151_zps1e05b4c7.jpg  photo IMG_5162_zpsedb9251e.jpg  photo IMG_5188_zpse72ab475.jpg  photo IMG_5234_zpse6dd62eb.jpg  photo IMG_5246_zps22fc2343.jpg  photo IMG_5283_zpsf5b67b44.jpg  photo IMG_5295BW_zps057f2714.jpg  photo IMG_5298_zps5ece0ccb.jpg  photo IMG_5333_zps269a8f4a.jpg  photo IMG_5361_zps139c288d.jpg  photo IMG_5365BW_zps3615ea33.jpg  photo IMG_5417_zpsaae8821d.jpg  photo IMG_5428BW_zps8c7b42f4.jpg  photo IMG_5489_zps8e4704ab.jpg  photo IMG_5515_zps1f07a04a.jpg  photo IMG_5544_zps569ba233.jpg  photo IMG_5549_zpsd0ab21e2.jpg  photo IMG_5589_zps21904d84.jpg  photo IMG_5616_zps762042bb.jpg

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